Food is defined as any “nourishing substance that is eaten, drunk, or otherwise taken into the body to sustain life, provide energy, and promote growth” (Dictionary). Without food, many people fail to go about their day; nonetheless, there are many more people who go days without a bite of food and thus starve to death.

Spreading knowledge to peers about this infesting epidemic is vital to aid In mediating Its preceding chaos. Hunger is not only relegated to Africa, It Is also happening In the Suburban towns of New Jersey.Surpassing the challenge to stay nourished Is difficult for many people. It’s underrated how many are starving day by day. Despite living In a developed country, there comes a point where Americans need to realize that there many of them who anticipate eating a complete meal. Statistically collected, “fifty seven percent of hungry Americans live In urban areas” while the remaining forty three percent reside In suburban areas (Where Hungry Americans).

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Evidently, financial stability plays a major role regarding how well fed Americans are. Only a mere “forty eight percent of Americans are secure” about their food income (Where Hungry Americans). This poses a major conflict for the remainder of the population who are insecure about their dietary needs. Relative to us, “nearly 1 7 percent New Jersey residents sought food assistance” in the year of 2008 (NJ Hunger Facts).

Another startling fact is that “one out of every five New Jersey implies does not earn enough to afford basic necessities such as housing, food and child care” (NJ Hunger Facts).Although there are food banks assisting families struggling through rough times, more action needs to be taken in order to abolish hunger as a whole. “With the U. S. And world economies in crisis,” many people faced unemployment, and unemployment led to less monetary income, which resulted in less food on the table for thousands of families (Hunger Statistics).

Moreover, there are many factors linked to hunger.