Hydropower Is A Renewable Energy

In recent years here has been a lot of activity involving the production of efficient, renewable energy and energy-saving devices. The main objective Of which, is to produce or conserve energy in a way that IS cost effective and without having to use any valuable resources. The implementation of this technology in a community could assist its residents in saving a fair amount of electricity without them having to make any extra effort or spend any money at all. Together we have come up with a concept of a device which can be installed in a public pool.

The amount of energy produced may not be huge, but it’s free and renewable which could add up to a great result. Taking into account the amount of wave energy produced by the swimmers, we built a device which converts the kinetic energy of the water into electricity. It works by means of an impeller which is powered by the waves which passes through and causes it to spin. The mechanical movement of the impeller is converted into electricity by means of a hydroelectric generator. The impeller is housed in a cylindrical frame which is 35 centimeters in diameter and made out of arbor fiber.

In order to get the most out of the device, we have to ensure that it is positioned strategically, submerged by about 40 centimeters and fixed to the wall. To prevent any foreign objects from entering the housing, all openings will be covered with a wire mesh filter. Before the device can be implemented we have to get the permissions from the council and members of the community. A consultation with a health and safety inspector must be organized before installations may commence to ensure that the device does not cause any hazards or violate any regulations.

Once we receive the necessary authorization to go ahead with the project, we will require assistance from a number of sources to make sure that the project is a success. Relevant notices and signage will have to obtained from the council, which will be placed at the facility to inform swimmers to keep a safe distance from the equipment. Contractors must be hired for the installation of the generator. Electrical engineers will be needed to help integrate the energy produced, into a local power grid so that energy can be directed to numerous households.

There are of course a number of obstacles which will have to be addressed. The device has a fairly simple construction and is not overly expensive to manufacture, however we will have to purchase a hydroelectric generator which will require external funding. If insufficient energy is produced, we will have to manufacture and install more than one device. Vandalism or theft of the equipment could be a potential issue. During winter there will be a decrease in people using the pool facility or the facility could close for the entire winter season.