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 Iam very glad to be applying for the Master’s Degree offered in Hungary Scholarshipduring 2017-2018. I am very dedicated, discipline and independent as well asintellectual student which allowed me to graduate with CGPA 3.46/4, without anyretake of exams. Icompleted my degree of Bachelors in Environmental Engineering from one of therenowned university of Pakistan i.e.

University of Engineering and Technology,Taxila Pakistan in November 2017. During my Bachelor’s degree, the courses Istudied were mainly about the strategies to conserve the environment forsustainable development like Introduction to Environmental Engineering andEngineering Issues, Water and Wastewater Engineering, Environmental Modellingand Optimization etc. I selected “Advanced Wastewater Treatment ofDifferent Textile Processing Units and Potential on Site Reuse forEnvironmental and Economic Benefits” as my final year project.

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Through thisproject, I learnt the strategies of conservation of water by potential onsitereuse of processed water of textile mills. If its practical applicability isensured in the industry then it will surely contribute for providing atechnical solution towards the water scarcity problem.Besidesmy studies, I also participated in curriculum activities which boosted myconfidence. I have been indulged in a ‘Change Making Competition’ sponsored byBritish Council through university. It was a 5-week competition and it made meable to come across through my hidden abilities. Through this competition, Ifelt myself in extra-ordinary capability of self-reliance and self-dependence.

Iam very fond of higher studies from Hungary, in order to gain advancedknowledge related to my discipline and study techniques which are not yet knownin Pakistan. I want to gain sophisticated acquaintance correlated with waterand wastewater treatment strategies. Moreover, I am highly interested instudying new techniques that can applied at least on organizational platform tocombat the detrimental impacts caused due to operational activities of trademaking companies which results in environmental pollution. Further, it is the needof hour to be advanced in combating the major issue spread all around which ishighly related with the reusability of used products as well as waste products.In this way environment could be made clean and green.

After studying fromabroad, I will be able for the practical applicability of advanced knowledge,gained during my master’s study, for the betterment of my native country.Iam very determined to be a part of your country. I hope that you will considerme as a worthy applicant for this scholarship.Withregards,HajiraAmjad Aali