I Beat The Odds

Chapters one thought seven is about Ores life as a little boy in the poor streets of Memphis. Michaels mother was a drug addict who never seemed to stay clean for long. She has many children in which she cannot take care of. Michael and his older brothers and younger sisters moved around form projects-to-projects, foster care to foster care there whole childhood. If they were at home with mother they would be lucky to even get into the house, she would lock them out for days even weeks when he was away getting high with friends.

When she was home and the children could get In there was never food In the kitchen or beds for them to sleep on. Living In foster care was not always the best either, Michael found out fast the people who was a foster parent to help and the ones that was In It Just for the government checks. The 15 or so children were separated Into different government homes, a few of the younger kids where adopted. Foster care was hard on the kids, Michael mimed to have had the hardest time though.

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He felt Like no cared about him so therefore he became a runner. Hoping If he ran away to find a family member that no one would find him or the government would just give up, after a few times the did give up. So Michael stayed with his mom and sold newspaper to sport himself. Thought out the years in foster care Michael realized that he wanted a better life then what he had.

Michael did not want his mother’s failures to become his failures.