I commit wrongful actions, anyone can do evil

I feel that people are willing to commit barbaric acts against other beings not because they were born evil but because of the instinctive. Every person is capable to commit wrongful actions, anyone can do evil and anyone can do good but only an amount of us use the instinctive. There’s several fragments of a person’s existence that create who the person is, who they become, how they live, and how they die. But the people and things throughout a person’s everyday life inspires that person’s mindset whether it’s a good inspiration, or a bad inspiration, a person will always base their actions on what they were told, and how they saw the world because of that.     Yes, I think people who are fundamentally good could totally become involved in genocide. We are all a mixture of good and bad or good and evil and it’s the descision we make for ourselves that desipheres which one we are.

It all depends on the emotions we feel, how we cope with these emotions, and the changes we experience. people need to find there own path in life and the path they take all depends on which way it’s going and where it might end.In situations of conflict, I believe the bystander category is so large because, many people can’t quickly react to the situation and have the perseverance to help. In a perfect world we would always help each other no matter what the problem was and no matter whom was hurting whom. But are world is nowhere near close to a “perfect world”. In a situation of conflict people will rely on other people to help in order to have an excuse out of the situation.

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They believe someone else will step in and do the job and many bystanders in a crowd don’t want to be the one to stick out and try to stop the trouble and this is why the category of the rescuers is so low. In several ways the silent bystander hurts the victim even more than the perpetrator does.During the Holocaust if all the bystanders would have become rescuers and resisted the Nazi extermination program, it would of been less effective, fewer people would have died at the hands of the Nazi. For every bystander to become a rescuer an estimate of about ten percent of victims could of been saved.

So, if one million of the bystanders had helped resist the Nazi then 575,000 lives could of been spared. This would of made an enormous difference to the actual outcome of the Holocaust and it would of ended before it actually did. This all comes back to the bystanders being one of the largest parts of the Holocaust, and them completely Overlooking the situation because just like in our society today, we don’t care about anything if it doesn’t impact us.