I for lane tracking, where I had the

I am very thrilled to find out this particular
opportunity to apply for a xxx program in Computer science and herewith I would
like to express my strong interest for this course. I am an Electronic
Engineering graduate of Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand holding a BSc
degree in Electronic Engineering.

Since my primary education, I have had a great passion
towards mathematics. Not only scoring good grades in Mathematics, I always had
the thirst to learn new algorithms and try it out by myself, which I later
believe compel me to choose programming as my career.

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I have been working in Bangkok as Software Engineer
for more than 2 years. My primary work is to develop 3D printer functionality
testing applications. Through my work, I have gained extensive knowledge on C#,
database handling. . Having worked in production line environment, I have
managed to deliver jobs under pressure. Also I am the team leader of my team,
where I need to communicate with the my team and other teams to obtain projects

Even though my bachelors in Electronics , the first
half of curriculum was consisted with common subjects such as Linear Algebra,
Calculus, Statistics Computer System Architecture which can be beneficial for this
master program. Furthermore I did my capstone project on Combinatorial Kalman
Filter for lane tracking, where I had the opportunity to research parallel
processing in GPU.


It is beyond the doubt that Machine Learning is becoming
most sought-after element in almost every discipline.  Its vast practical usage makes high demand in
jobs market. To start the Data sciene, I think this is the ideal opportunity
and I will give utmost effort and dedication to reach personal and institute

I will be really honored to pursue my master studies
in a prestigious Name University in Sweden with the excellent academic staff
and student, where I can be part of network

I wanted to help other people in the world. Recently i
came head about the finding treatments for untreated sickness. I was quite
intrigued by the reach area. I wish i can be serve my knowledge as Machine
Learning engineer to solve hard problems. My ultimate goal is to  provide my knowledge to my country community
and help tech and medical industry to help improve.

I will be happy to provide any further information or
documents if required. I look forward to your positive response. Thank you for
your time and consideration.