I Having tact with honesty may seem like

  I come across many people making fun of honest ones, they try to criticize them for being honest. Well, you may say almost everyone in this world loves honesty, that’s true but that’s a different concept altogether. At times, we people would be comfortable with the truth or sometimes may be not. Actually, it depends on the circumstances which we are going through, if it’s beneficial to be honest then we’ll be, if not, then, we may not hesitate to be dishonest and disguise ourselves as the most honest person around the globe. So, what does honesty mean?                        Honesty means telling the truth without any pretensions and truth, by its very nature, is bitter & difficult to accept & digest. People fall victims to cunning people just because these kinda people know how to deal with the weaknesses of people. They are good observers. They find out what makes you angry & then, act contrary to that. We humans love to be pampered. We, unconsciously, gravitate towards such cunning people, as it’s a human nature as well. The reason why honest people are most likely to be brushed off by others is because people nowadays don’t like it when someone criticizes them in any type of manner. They tend to have more of a liking for cunning people because they have a false image to maintain to keep them comfortable.                        Most people are used to living a lie, so they rather live in this fairy tale instead of facing reality. There are good truths and bad truths. People would rather hear something pleasing any day, whether it’s the truth or not. But when it comes to the bad, they back away from it to preserve their feelings. Thats the reason for so much sensitivity in the world. Pain brings strength and growth, and that’s why many people suffer immaturity. Having tact with honesty may seem like it works, but to be very honest, it doesn’t.                          If you’re honest, that’s automatically going to make people upset, or mad in the slightest manner, whether they show it or hide it. Honesty is truth. Many seek truth, but how can the truth ever unveil itself if people refrains from being honest? People are afraid of ridicule and confrontation, so they rather stay in the dark and stay quiet, which in the long run leads to someone being mad at their self for not speaking out. Thats they very thing that leads to regrets.