I homo sapiens either outcompeted Neanderthals in terms

I do not believe that the categories that reflect evolutionary history violate how humans view themselves in the modern world. I believe it enhances human understanding and gives humans a greater understanding for where they come from. However I do think that there is a roadblock depending on the person’s understanding of evolution.

If they were taught that humans were evolved from monkeys, than they were taught something that is false. The current standpoint on Evolution upheld by modern scientist and Anthropologist is that Humans and Monkeys did not evolve from each other, we actually just share a common ancestor (Scott). The genus Homo is thought to have split from other primates about 2.3 million years ago. The first homo sapiens lived around 780,000  years ago, and anatomically modern homo sapiens are said to have originated about 300,000 years ago (Park, p.128). Humans often believe that we are somehow special since we dominate the planet, we do have the largest most complex brains among other non-human primates, homo sapiens sapiens are the only genus of homo that are still alive and thriving with a population of over 7.

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3 billion. So since we beat every other species and escaped extinction than we must be the best. Though our ancestors escaped extinction, homo sapiens were not regarded as having the largest brain in the genus homo, that would belong to our cousin the Neanderthal.

Neanderthals are thought to have lived roughly 225,000 years ago until about 36,000 years ago among Archaic Homo Sapiens. They had large brains that were larger than homo sapiens, they had thick bones, and they regularly hunted megafauna. They may had even had the capacity for a religion, since based on archeological evidence they typically buried their dead.

Since they had larger brains homo sapiens either outcompeted Neanderthals in terms of food and living space, mated with Neanderthals and their species just sort of died out that way, or killed them off as evident by Neanderthal skulls and bones being found in homo sapien fire pits. The sheer fact that Neanderthals had larger brains throws some people off, so much that there is debate about whether or not Neanderthals should be a subspecies of humans or just its own separate species (Castillo). Evolution is key to telling the human story, which Anthropologist are dedicated to finding. If every creature evolved, and is still evolving than humans should be counted in that evolution process. Many people question if humans are constantly evolving than why have we not evolved into a totally different species by now, there are two ways to explain this question, Firstly, Evolution takes a lot of time, in the grand scheme of things anatomically modern humans are relatively a new species, we also reproduce rather slow compared to a fruit fly (Scott).

Secondly, our gene flow is very high. It is hard to get another species if gene flow is high, we share about 99.4% of our DNA with every human living today (Castillo).