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The philosophy of education of the filmmakers was that you should use your time in high school wisely and study while you can so you can get into a good school. If you go to a good school, you can have a good career, help society, and support the economy. 2. What’s important is studying and not athletic or other extracurricular activities.

3. The values that drive the film are hard work, perseverance, motivation, and eventual success. 4.A successful education would be getting into a good college o you can have a successful career later on and help society. 5.

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The philosophy of education at BC is a quote from the Vatican Council II: “A true education aims at the formation of the human person with respect to his ultimate goal, and simultaneously with respect to the good of those societies of which he is a member. ” 6. The vision is a Catholic community achieving excellence in Learning, Service, and Life. 7. The mission is to educate and develop the whole student in the Catholic tradition – Spirit,Mind, and Body.

8. A successful education would be achieving excellence in all three of the above areas. Spirit by growing in faith, Mind by learning enough to help you throughout life, and Body by keeping yourself healthy and fit. 9. My philosophy of education is to learn as much as I can about everything in the world so that I can have a career, be good at it, and contribute to society. 10.

The values that drive my education are curiosity, being successful, working hard, but also having some fun. . My vision of a good education would be being well prepared for anything that college throws at me, and life in general after that. 12. My mission is to get the most out of my time here by choosing my classes well, figuring out what I like and what I might want to do for the rest of my life, and involving myself in the school and the community.