I one of our assignments, we were asked

Ihave always had an interest in how society is influenced over a period of time.

Journalism plays a significant role in shaping the opinions of people. The wayin which words are manifested in the pages of magazines, newspapers, and on thescreens of our devices have the power to conform society, from what we believein to the clothes we wear. Myinterest in journalism began while taking classes at John Casablanca, amodeling and career center that offered educational classes for people lookingto improve self- image and learn about the entertainment business. In additionto attending classes, we were required to work on weekly assignments to bringin for review during our next class session. For one of our assignments, wewere asked to go home and create a portfolio out of clippings from a magazineof women that epitomized different styles of fashion. The array of magazinesaesthetically lined on the shelf in the magazine aisle. Women glossed on everycover of Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Elle wearing the latest trends in fashion. Irealized fashion is more than just a piece of garment; it is influenced bylifestyle, culture and societal changes.

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It has the ability to capture thevoice of a movement or a generation. Magazine journalism is about immersingyourself in array of topics and stories that are influenced by culture andsociety and vice versa. It is the mouthpiece to the industry that sums up cultureand societal changes over a period of time through clothing.

My undergraduateexperiences paired with my love for writing have fueled my desire to pursue acareer in journalism with the goal to write on trends and social issues withinthe fashion and entertainment industry.