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Ladies and gentlemen my name is Karen and my team and I are here to present to you an array of arguments to suggest why Junk food must not be banned! Before I begin I will rebut some of the main arguments put forward by the affirmative team.

While some people believe that Junk food In this speech I will outline why Junk food mustn’t banned from canteens, due to the misleading thoughts that Junk food Is the mall cause of obesity and for my second argument, I will outline how less money will be earned if Junk food was banned from he school canteens.Our second speaker Stefan will discuss how you need salt and sugar In your daily Intake and how Junk food can provide that easily. He will also discuss how not enough sugar and salt in your body will cause illnesses. And last of all, our third speaker Olivia will summaries our overall stance that junk food shouldn’t need to be banned. Ladies and gentlemen, recently, schools have been considering about banning Junk food as they think that it is the cause of children’s obesity. They think that by banning all junk food from canteens, all their problems will be resolved ND that children will return to being thin healthy kids in a flash.Well they are wrong. Although people, mainly adults complain and nag about Junk food being the sole reason of children’s obesity, it is a lie!! Banning Junk food from canteens isn’t going to take their problems away.

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What foods are classified as healthy and which ones are classified as unhealthy? Most foods have both healthy and unhealthy ingredients in them. The food pyramid says that people should have breads, pastas’ and rice the most, then it should be vegetables and fruit, then eggs, dairy and meat. Last on the food pyramid is oils, fats and sweets.

While sweets, oils and fats shouldn’t be consumed at very large amounts, they are still Important to keep our bodies going. According to the Herald Sun there once was a woman that drank too much water and cut out all of her daily intake of salt and sugar. The water then flushed out all of the toxins In her body along with her natural sugars and salts. Her electrolytes were soon unbalanced and her brain couldn’t function properly so she then, fell Into a coma.

This therefore proves that you need junk food to keep your body going. Al now talk about how getting rid of Junk food from canteens will decrease the amount of money canteen workers and companies gain. Imagine you are a 9 year old child who Just came from a double sport period. You are undoubtedly hungry. You’re imagining tasty, scrumptious, food in your head.

You finally get to the canteen and open your wallet but your hopes are immediately let down because all you see on the menu are salads and raisin cookies. You would feel disappointed and frustrated at the limited amount of food there was, wouldn’t you? If we ban Junk food In canteens children around the world would be devastated.Do you want that? No of course not. 1 OFF fat free, low in salt and low in sugar. I also realize that healthy food can be more expensive so if we ban Junk food from canteens companies will earn less money. To sum it up students know the limits to their consuming of Junk food, as they are constantly reminded in PEE and in everyday life at home. They know the consequences of eating an overload, and should be trusted to make a sensible decision for themselves.

Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow debaters and students and teachers, in conclusion the negative team and I agree that Junk food must not be banned!