I Phoenix – Winonlin and PBPK modelling using

am Jennypher Mudunuru, a graduate student in Phamaceutics and Drug Design,
currently doing my doctoral research under the guidance of Dr. David Taft at
Long Island University. I am privileged to be working under grant in
collaboration with Onconova Therapeutics Inc. on the pre-clinical development
of their lead compound with the supervision of Dr. Manoj Maniar. My expected
Ph.D. thesis submission is in 2018.

have heard of this internship opportunity through Dr. David Taft and I strongly
feel that this internship opportunity at Gilead will be very relevant to my
skills in PK/PD and strengthen my knowledge in the process. I have an ample
amount of research experience in PK/PD as my thesis involves the pre-clinical
characterization of a novel compound – to evaluate the pharmacokinetics,
toxicokinetics and determine the PK/PD profile for the compound. During the
course of this research, I worked closely with the various departments in the
company to understand and accomplish the goals of the drug development with
significant practical and problem solving skills. This included writing
protocols, designing and executing various in-vitro and in-vivo experiments and
communicating the results in the form of study reports to the relevant departments
on a regular basis.

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Clinical Pharmacology Intern position will be a great opportunity to explore my
knowledge and enrich the concepts and applications of the various non-clinical
and clinical aspects of drug discovery and development under the guidance of
other fellow scientists from diverse backgrounds. I believe that my extensive
coursework that included PK/PD modelling using Phoenix – Winonlin and PBPK
modelling using SimCYP would be of added advantage for this position.

I am determined to make the most out of this opportunity and optimize my time
and learning with your team to gather the wealth of knowledge and ideas. I
would like to express a strong interest in your internship opportunity and will
be grateful for considering my application. I am looking forward to your
encouraging reply.  

find enclosed my detailed resume that highlights my research, education and