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A man carries the clothes while the shoe carries the man. I think shoes are probably the most important attire a person can wear. The shoes are the thing that puts the bang in the outfit but that’s not the same for every shoe. That shoe that TLD have that bang was the hush puppies. All of that changed in the matter of two years because of some neighborhood kids.

The Hush Puppies, the Hush Puppies was a dead shoe until the late 1994 and the early 1 995 the time period where the Hush Puppies became much alive.It started off tit a couple of kids in the East Village and Soho who was wearing the shoe because no one else would. After a while they started being featured In clubs, then fashion shoots, and eventually In magazine collections. The shoe came on a come up changing the company and how people now view the shoes. The shoes also changed fashion the way It Is or was, It also changed the fashion designers. The Hush Puppies arena the only thing that changed something or came on a come up drastically.The crime rates dropped, not slowly over time but drastically just because of a little change in strategy and the economy. It’s just like with the Hush Puppies when a couple people started wearing the shoes it caught on quickly.

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Same with the crime rate when they started to see the police officers a little more fierce and started to see other people stop there endless crimes they all Just stopped the crimes one after another. With that happening kids started to ride there bike, the sidewalks filled up again and the elderly started to sit on their benches again.It’s like one of the authors ideas something really little starts something really big. The author’s ideas was modest it was to show the contagiousness, the way little asses have big effects, and the way epidemics can rise and fall in one dramatic moment. I think his first idea of contagiousness he uses his personal opinion and observation and doing so made me feel like his idea is speculative.

I assume this because if I referrer back to the text the author notes that the only reason why the Hush Puppies became so popular so quick was because of a handful of kids wearing them.With these kids wearing them it made other people want them, the shoes now became contagious like chicken pox. With his next idea I feel like it’s definitive because he now uses statistics. His next idea is that he thinks little causes have big effects which he proves is true.

He displays to us that change in strategy and cleaning up an economy can transform the number of murders and crime drastically. In the text he says, “In 1992, there were 2,1 54 murders In New York City and 626,182 serious crimes. And then he tells us, “Murders had dropped 64. 3% to and total crimes had fallen by almost half to 355,893. ” Now Is the last but not least Idea, the way epidemics can rise and fall In one dramatic moment. Obviously he proved that with the evidence I Just told you which makes this Idea definitive. He shows how a low life shoe can be the best shoe In the market wealth two years and how the crime rate can decline more than half of what It was In five years.

The author’s ideas were questionable yet proven to be correct In my eyes. He demonstrates how fashion becomes contagious, how it can start off in your home have a big effect, like they say it’s the little things that really matters. The last and I think the most important idea he illustrated was very efficient, the way epidemics can rise and fall in one dramatic moment. He has proven that not once but twice. His ideas weren’t only reasonable but proven.