I skills, accuracy, strong technical backgrounds and understanding

I would enjoy this position because
I would have a big hand in creating social impact from the office setting that
will reflect in other areas that trickle down into the production of the shoe
itself. My current understanding of retail & customer engagement are the
foundations of skills necessary to find success in a high position such as
that. Aside from earning a degree in Marketing and my MBA in the future, I believe
there are personal skills needed to handle this job. This person must be a
visionary leader, always seeing what is next and transforming ideas to realities.
They can create a vision for their team members to pursue and that is what has
made TOMS successful. Other qualifications include being goal oriented, executing
tasks effectively, and challenging thought to drive innovation. The VP of Marketing
is a versatile role that requires someone to be an adaptive leader. TOMS staff
members all share the common goal for desiring change, so it shows within their
boardrooms down to production factories. I would also like to serve as the
Director of Business Development. This title is given to someone who can build
strong rapport with clients and consumers. Also, a liaison between corporate
and customer. This individual is responsible for engaging new clientele
relationship using technology and retail expertise. This role requires strong
communication skills, accuracy, strong technical backgrounds and understanding
how market fluctuate. This leader is specialized in maintaining healthy and
lengthy relationships with clients at the Fortune 100 level and beyond. Their
sole goal is to impact the companies ties with other entities. This position
creates social impact because it focuses on driving the mission of TOMS through
high levels of engagement in all areas. TOMS has grown so much within the
market of social impact it has been able to extend itself to other socially conscious
small businesses. This true commitment to social responsibility comes full circle
in investing in these other companies causes and missions. It is called their Social
Entrepreneurship Fund. Certain characteristics are sought out for TOMS to
invest in your movement. They want companies that align with their vision for
world impact. Companies such as Rubicon, & Ava, and Change.com are a few
that TOMS has already invested in and marketed to their customer base. This avenue
of investment is how they give back to the community of entrepreneurs. TOMS covers
all bases when it caters to its consumers and supporters. Its marketing
strategies make them a “one of a kind” brand that is surely the future of
entrepreneurship in social impact.

Business, more
specifically marketing, is at the core of all ventures that any social
entrepreneurship thrives off for success. You simply cannot have one without
the other. Many entrepreneurs are known to educate themselves on business
related matters aimed towards their success in launching their new ideas.
Without a foundation in understanding your market, or who you are promoting
your services to, the chances of success become slim. TOMS, a shoe brand geared
towards creating immense social impact, used various marketing strategies to openly
promote its causes while engaging the consumer using a community approach. In 2006,
TOMS brand founder Blake Mycoskie launched his mission for the company after
traveling to various countries seeing the lack of supply of shoes for children.
Through verbal marketing, the concept of “One day Without Shoes” was created.
Word of mouth became a key tool in the brands imprint on the world in its early
years of existence. TOMS prides itself for being community oriented. They do
not seek to spend revenue on celebrity brand ambassadors, but instead partnering
with advocates all sharing the same social mission. These advocates are known as
the TOMS tribe. They are regular consumers that use social media marketing
impacts to spread awareness for TOMS overall goal. One Day Without Shoes became
an event participated in worldwide. For each picture posted in support of the
movement, TOMS in return donated a pair of shoes to less fortunate children in
need. TOMS goal aside from awareness is the meet the consumer where he or she
is and gain longer connection with them. TOMS creates positive impact by giving
people a chance to feel like their money is going to something meaningful. They
can see from the marketing on the packaging of the shoe boxes that their support
is not in vain. Extensive detail can be found on packaging and via the website
to really grasp where your support reaches. TOMS customers are confident in
TOMS efforts to reach their social goals of impact in magnified ways. A big
problem in other countries is lack of sustainable food and clothing from extremities.
Shoes, to some, are a small thing to be thankful to have. For others it makes a
world of difference & TOMS founder Blake was able to assess that need on
his trips. It is recorded that in one day, TOMS was able to engage 3.5 million
people over social media and in person for this event. Their marketing team
prides themselves on producing user generated content. If I were to work in
corporate for TOMS as a marketing graduate of Georgia State University, I would
work as the VP of Marketing. This position includes creating consistent
cohesiveness across all boards of communication to customers. They work with
other leaders to strategically produce effective campaigns using retail
understanding and consumer behavior. They also act as liaisons between
departments enveloping integrated connections with in and out of the corporate
setting. The VP of Marketing is also responsible for allocating funds for
marketing campaigns that will positively affect the companies resource nature
that has been integrated into its core values.

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