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I want to study law with business,as I enjoy reading, writing and analysis. I am interested in law as I feel thiswould be a great way to use my skills in languages and communication.

I am anorganised and analytical person.  I knowstudying law is very challenging, but it teaches people a great deal ofdiscipline which is incredibly valuable to me – as I’m hardworking and takepride in achieving my goals. Being a lawyer will give me a great opportunity tobe an expert and use my skills to make a difference to people’s lives. I thinkit would be very rewarding. I would like to combine law with business as Ienjoyed studying GCSE Business and it has given me the taste of the corporateworld. This gave me an understanding of the political area and helped me to developmy knowledge about which areas of law would suit my skills, capabilities andinterests.

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I’ve attended summer schools and donework experience at a law firm. I attended summer schools at University of EastAnglia and London Met. At UEA I learnt about property, corporate and employmentlaw and how law varies.

I enjoyed living away from home and the experience ofindependence. At London Met, I learned about different types of lawyers indepth and what route I would want to go into as the teachers leading theclasses were barristers. This inspired me to work even harder to achieve thegrades I need. We had to read a case study about school uniform and prepare fora mock moot trial with an actual judge, which gave me an insight into how a barrister’slife.

I joined a programme schemecalled the Access project where I have received tutoring in History. I’ve beenon this programme for two years now and which shows determination a commitment.I impressed my tutor who is a retired lawyer and he was able to organise mework experience at the law firm he used to work in.

I did work experience at the lawfirm called Ashurst and spent a week there with a solicitor. I worked in the disputeresolutions department was fascinated that there were many law departments inone building. I had to proof read a draft copy of a case analysis and read overfiles containing confidential information about a case.

I attended a meetingwhere the lawyers at the firm give updates on cases that they worked on. Theskills I gained were dedication and good time management:  I had to wake up early every morning to attendwork and I was always on time. For the second week I was part of the LegalSocial Mobility Partnership programme which enabled me to explore the legaldepartments in businesses. I also visited numerous businesses including BT,Amazon, and Nomura within the legal department through the work experienceprogramme. The first day we had a professional training day where we learnabout communication, teamwork and professional work behaviour.

The next day wewent to Nomura and did a debating session which I loved and was offered aplacement to be a part of the debating team by one of the leaders. The thirdday we went to Amazon and put our negotiation skills to the test and acted as afacilitator. We had a mini negotiations session and had to negotiate on behalfof our clients and reach an agreement. The fourth day we went to BT and Iimproved my negotiation, leadership and teamwork skills. The final day welearnt about the legal process of bringing out a book over at ITV Studios.

Experiencing how the legal departments work in different businesses hasincreased my desire to study law with business.I am currently studying History,Sociology, and Media Studies and they all feed in to law.  In History I analyse written texts which willbe an advantage when it comes to studying cases and having to pick outinformation. Sociology has enabled me to evaluate difficult theories andconcepts. Media revolves around current affairs which are relevant to law as wehave to keep up to date with what’s going on in the world.

I am currently completing Duke ofEdinburgh Sliver award and I chose to volunteer at a primary school nurseryhelping with their Maths and English. I have also volunteered at a disabledcentre to for people with autism and physical disabilities. This improved mypatience.

From year 7 – year 10, I was part of the rounder’s team and played inmany matches. This improved my communication and teamwork skills. In my sparetime I play badminton for fun with my friend, showing dedication. In conclusion, I believe I am devotedand intellectual student who would flourish in university, both socially andacademically. I would value any opportunities your university offers me throughmy course to enhance my intellectual and personal development.