I unique life experiences, different backgrounds and values,

I believe that my role as an educator is to facilitate
learners in their achievement of the educational goals that they have established
in their pathway to become nurses.  I
feel that my role is to assist students in acquiring the knowledge, skills and
attitudes that are required to provide the best possible care to their clients
and client’s families. The” best possible care” is supported by evidence-based practice
and includes kindness, compassion, respect, and culturally sensitive components.

As a teacher, I feel that my role is to help students to
filter through the enormous amount of information that is available and to
critically analyze the information that is pertinent to each situation.  I try to promote critical-thinking in my
students by using a variety of instructional and technological techniques
including questioning, case-studies, reflection, discussion, and simulated
learning experiences.  As active learners,
students learn more effectively when they participate in the learning

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To achieve this educational purpose, it is important to
recognize that adult learners bring with them unique life experiences,
different backgrounds and values, and that they have valuable life experiences
that enrich their learning experiences. As a teacher, not only must I
accommodate these differences, but utilize them to enhance the learning
experiences of the other students in the classroom.  Adult learners appreciate the knowledge gained
in the classroom if they can see how it will apply to their future professional
practice and goals.  I strive to make the
knowledge and skills that I teach in the classroom and clinical settings
relevant to each student.

I feel that students
learn best when they are not stressed, so I strive to create a relaxed,
interactive learning environment.  I
believe that the teaching-learning experience is a partnership between the
teacher and students.  However, this does
not mean that students are not held to the standard that is required to ensure
that they are safe entry-level nurses. 
Nursing educators have a moral, legal and ethical responsibility to
ensure that graduates are well prepared to care for clients in the healthcare