I Where every human will live by the

I was planning for this day to come for a long time. A day where us, humans, can evolve all over again with positivity and love for each other. A day to fix the negative minded human species while preventing extinction and promoting love and help for one another. Where it’s a clean healthy land to live in and the word racism doesn’t exist. Where every human will live by the quote: “We all have the same blood color”.According to the SS book of agendas formed by a Liberalist, under the “Horrible Three’s nots” section, the first agenda which is not allowed to exist in planet SS is Fascism. The reasoning is based on the fact there are seven people from the human species alive in the entire universe and if a fascist will lead the country, it will lead to hatred of a specific group or person which can decrease the number of people in our planet leading closer to human extinction. The aim in the new planet is keeping the human species existing in a positive way and if a fascist took over, it would lead to negative outcomes such as racism and use of limited sources in an inefficient way by using them for producing weaponry and jails.The second agenda which can lead to bringing bad memories from tired planet earth into planet SS is Conservatism. Holding on to the past and keeping traditions can not let us evolve from a fresh start but from a negative dulling perspective. We need change and it needs to be quick. Slow change can make us, humans, age and lead to the vanishment of human species. Inventions from the past are not needed as better inventions can be created while efficiently using the limited resources. The third and final agenda which can lead to limiting seven individuals creative minds is Socialism. In Socialism, you have to take the government’s approval for creating or starting any type of business. Waiting for government approval can take time and can prevent successful useful businesses from existing. If a government did agree to let an individual start a manufacturing business, it can slowly become its sole shareholder and take control of the individual’s hard work. Fast growing, small companies are an important source of new job innovation. Time shouldn’t be wasted and every individual should have the freedom of starting a company whenever and however they want to and the only limitation planet SS addresses is that the company should be created for a good cause.An agenda which is definitely going to be used in planet SS is Liberalism. Simply, every individual has the freedom of expression, speech, and anything that expresses their unique personality. I, the leader of this nation, promote every individuals growth and believe that there is no reason to restrict anyone’s growth unless its a bad effect on the individual. Another agenda which is needed to keep our land clear from pollutions and clean is Environmentalism. The area which surrounds a human can prevent stress and diseases. It can provide a person with positive and happy thoughts leading to a “smiling nation”. After all, this small area is our only hope and habitat left to live in and evolve as our horrible mistakes lead to destroying the earth physically and “mentally”.