Ice the temperature of the Earth, by emitting

Ice bergs are melting,
water level throughout the world is increasing, natural habitats are being
destroyed and to make things worse, flora and fauna is struggling to stay
alive. Over many years of countless researches, it is becoming obvious that we
humans are the reason why Earth is becoming hotter and hotter. It is us,
humans, that have provoked the past century’s hike in the temperature of the
Earth, by emitting heat-trapping gases. But why are we humans to be blamed for
the gas that we did not release? In order to fulfil our needs, wants and
desire, technology has developed in such a way that our life is much easier now
compared to the olden days. Today, we hardly have to do any work. Most the work
is already automated while we just have to keep an eye on the machines while
our work is being done. We can see the direct and obvious results of using such
gadgets but little do we know that these appliances are the ones that are
actually killing us. These appliances release harmful gases that will not only
be trapped in the atmosphere, but will also cause us to suffocate one day.

            The ultimate result of this is global warming. This
phenomena is used to outline a gradual bloom in the average temperature of
Earth’s surrounding which will eventually cause climate change. In simpler
words, it can be said that global warming is the rise in the mean temperature
of the Earth’s atmosphere. There used to be debates and quarrels among many
organisations, claiming that there is no such thing as ‘global warming’. However,
scientists have conducted numerous observations, researches and experiments and
have come to a conclusion that indeed, Earth is getting warmer day by day. Some
phenomena that correspond to this statement is that the temperature of the sea
has risen, ice bergs in polar regions of the world are melting fast, sea level
is rising rapidly and the air is getting drier and drier.

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Earth’s average
temperature has increased by 1.1 degree Celsius compared to how it was in the
19th century. This rise is caused by the amount of carbon dioxide in
the atmosphere as well as human activities that promote the release of heat
into the air. In statistics, most of the warming in the climate started 35
years ago, which is just getting worse and worse as the day passes by. Adding
to that fact, NASA has declared 2017 as the second hottest year in the world
since 1880 and the top 5 hottest years in their records are awarded to years
after 2010.