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The set of products Write an evaluation of each of the products you have produced for this CAB: Logo Track list Audio clip ‘Community Spirit’ event model Recommendations Digital advert Animated banner E-newsletter. For each product you should discuss: its fitness for audience and purpose dieback you received on the final version ways in which it could be further improved. Your own performance write an evaluation of how you performed when working on this CAB.You should discuss: how you managed your time the skills that were most useful to you In making your work successful how you overcame any difficulties you encountered what you could have done to make your work more successful what your teacher said about your work and how you responded to their comments what your test buddy said about your work and how you responded to their comments your performance as a test buddy and how you could have been more lawful.

Logo: For my logo I was mainly focusing on the happiness and togetherness the logo would bring to the target audience.Alongside simplicity was the key to make the audience understand on what this is all about elaborating on that with my strap line “Be inspired, get involved” which generates a sense of involvement with the community. In addition this gives a connection. Besides that my peer buddy said I could improve on the colors and to make it more vibrant and will represent ethnicity and different cultures in the society. The arrow which looks like a smiling face in Community spirit logo has another meaning behind t. It is a representation of the people instinct believe in themselves especially in the letter “l”.In addition the arrow represents moving towards the future positively.

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Furthermore my pixels for my logo is very large meaning when you edit on Photos and free transform, it will be less blurrier allowing the picture to be clear enough to Overall I think that my logo tells the reader what my logo is about and also communicates with the personality which is togetherness and helpfulness; positive vibes only. It also represents the target audience of organization and who we are ailing to work with; which is people wanting to make a change in life and want to progress.I accurately portray the class of service I offer and I build trust in my business as a result of honestly portraying of what my organization does. I also feel it appeals to the target audience a lot because it shows that this is a free service to use as the word “community “meaning a diverse number of people infers that.

Trackless: a result I didn’t use a variety of genres for my songs. I predominantly prefer to use a majority RAN’S and pop songs in the 21st century as my choice of music, considering hat there will be many young adults attending the event. However I somewhat excluding the elderliness choice of music.The method I used to find tracks in order to add records to the database was secondary research meaning I used the internet by the search engine Google and searching Top 20 Songs of (2005,2006.

… And above) I had some difficulties to enter my genre because I had no idea of what it stands for, but I eventually found out with the help of my peer.

In addition the search query was partly a struggle. In the same token, I searched the song to make sure I collected the correct information. My test buddy told me to make sure these tracks were appropriate for the events meaning to make sure the songs had no explicit language or such.

My test buddy also told me to add more modern songs than old because he guarantees that what a majority of peoples favor ,bearing in mind that most ages attended are varied from 8-30 yr. To make the trackless easier for the DC to search for music I created a search query which basically filters the tracks by genre or either year of release this way the DC will be able to search up any music the audience will most likely prefer with no trouble to e scrolling up and down. Firstly the target audience for my radio ad is the whole community, but mostly aspiring teenagers and young adults.My main target for this was persuading them to attend by elaborating the wonderful workshops for students 1 5+ we provide and the benefits of attending the event. Additionally I mentioned the facilities and food we serve for relatively cheap prices because we’re a non-profit organization.

In addition I gave a brief, powerful description on what community spirit which will satisfy them. Since my restriction for the script to be 25 seconds long (save money), I didn’t want to ore the audience so I converted it into a way which I thought was very informative and precise.The content of the audio clip was said to be very informative and precise in terms of my language, this is proof when I gave a powerful brief description on what community spirit is based on and when I mentioned location and duration of the event which was the main things the audience was in need to know. Yes it’s long enough, however I think I could’ve added more information and elaborated it more and included what will be there and who it’s suitable for to attend this event.