Ideal career

But what is ideal? I believe ideal is means my passion and interests. For me, my ideal career is social worker. If you don’t make sure what is your ideal career, don’t worry. You still have times, because for a student it’s never too late to change your target. Also, I guess most of the DEEDS candidates have a select major subject problem.

In my case after the DEEDS examination, I am still confused about my selection of subject. Because I don’t want to waste my times into study some things not my interests. So I give up the admission opportunity about the tourism. I know I can’t stop in here. I need to find some courses upgrade my-self.

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Thus, I got the First Aid and Ward Aide certificates. Also, I has worked in a community center be a programmer assistant. Every day facing some of the people who turn to for help, an endless supply of them.Then, I produce to be a social worker this idea to help them more. Fortunately, I got the opportunity to studying applied social service. Let’s me set my target and work out my-self.

My ideal career is social worker. I am working hard to be a social worker. Social worker not only helping someone who turn to for help, moreover need take the initiative to find who need help. How about now your career? Is It your Ideal career? Remember It’s never too late to do anything, move forward. Thank you!