Firstly, the shallow water swimming pool In the Recreation Center are usually closing or occupying by sliming class, which Is so Inconvenience for students who are intramural with swimming or those who want to learn swim by themselves without ]lolling a class. In Dalton, a part of deep water zones are usually closing as well, which makes the swimming area more inadequate. Many students complain this issue more often.

Relative departments should solve this problem as soon as possible to satisfy the students with a convenient sports and exercise environment.Secondly, as I observed, badminton is a popular sports for students. However, so many people wait around the badminton court since the narrow and inadequate courts in the Race Center. There are some unoccupied space outside the back of the Race Center, which can be applied to develop as badminton courts. It not only provide enough space for students and faculty, but also make complete utilization of the space in campus. Ante: 09/17/2014 њTo: Dry.

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Rich Cooper, Instructor: ENGLAND- Sectioning 0 From: Jiao Gene, student јSubject: Proposal for optimizing transport service at TAMA The purpose of my proposal is to request more perfect and convenient transit bus service at TAMA. Countless people wait in the bus stop to take course or go back home. It looks so crowded, especially at the peak time that students going to class or off the class. I recommend our university to add more buses to avoid students who cannot go to classes on time due to the absence of seats or space on the bus.The more severe thing is that people who live off campus need to Walt for 1 hour to take he bus In the evening and night. There are almost a hundred people In one bus, some even need to stand In front of the door or near the bus driver, which Is so dangerous. For Instance, the bus bear heavy burden of people that make damage to the bus, which cause the significant risky potential of Insecure driving and rolling, 0 to: Dry. Rich Cooper, Instructor: ENGLAND- Sectioning 0 From: Jiao Gene, student 0 Subject: Proposal for new services that address the needs of specific groups on campus (such as special needs students) at TAMAThe purpose of my proposal is to request more complete service in campus at TAMA, what I concentrate is the needs of specific groups, like special needs of disabled people or inconvenient people in our university.

Firstly, the biggest dining halls in our university locate in MS building and fish pond, which need to go downstairs or take the stairs to buy the foods that is inconvenient for people who cannot walk well. Secondly, some buildings that locate in remote site of the campus do not offer any food store or automatic machine.People need to go faraway to the main campus to et the food and drink, which is terrible for students who are disabled or those who do not have a car. Finally, English language Institution, the department seat in the very marginal place of the campus, which needs students to go upstairs to reach the classroom, and even does not have an elevator. To another words, people who have the trouble with feet or legs cannot take the class directly or conveniently. All above I mentioned have the potential problem for disable students to take participate in the campus’ activities that need to be solved as soon as possible.