Identity and belonging

Each person has different identities for different relationships and situations. On the path of growth, we constantly encounter different situations and interact with deferent people. Despite sometimes our confidence are stroke by difficulties and complicated relationships, these different experiences still play the important role on shaping our identities and values. In our school days, we have a very simple relationship with other people because we don’t need to worry about any pressure from life, and our first interaction with different people and groups help us on standardizing our behavior and values.When we were the kids In the kinder gardens and primary schools, we’re carefully protected by our parents and completely rely on their support. At that time, we don’t have any experience, and what parents and teacher taught us Is the only way to shape our values and qualities. We don’t need to worry anything about life and all we did was to play with the kids surrounding us and share the latest toys with them.

When we grow up and become a high school student, we gradually experience the school pressure and focus more on studying because we realize the more effort we put on studying. He better future we’ll receive. At the same time, we have less contact with childhood friends and are tending to make new friends who have the same interesting as us in high school so that we can always have common topic to talk about and help each other to develop. Some of us also have some problems on the relationships with the opposite sex in our adolescence and care more about what other people would think on us if we’re too close with them.At the early time of our life, we don’t have too much social pressure, and the simple relationships and situations that we went through are the very important elements to construct our personalities and qualities. When we become an adult, our identities will be more complicated as we’re supposed to be independent to face different situations and take the responsibilities of ourselves. As we pursue our dreamed courses in the universities, our life also embarks on a new level.

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We’re facing more competitions from our schoolmates and very heavy pressures from the school work. In order to be the winner in these competitions and win more chances for our future, we need to be very hard-working and have a proper plan of the time. Some students will also find a part-time job to ease the financial burdens of parents and gain more social experience before they officially step into the complex society.

At the same time, friendship turns from majority to minority of our live because we need to spend more time on planning for our careers and futures.When we finally survive from the university and become one of the members of the society, our Identities are not simple anymore. When we get a lob, we learn how to socialize with different people and promote ourselves In order to succeed and get better paid In the workplace. When we’re facing these sophisticated competitions, we cannot have any pure friendships with our colleagues and need to e careful with our language and behavior. This Is how people have different Identities due to the diversity of the society and social groups.

Despite how people behave when In friendship or work relationship, people also have different Identities in their families. When we’re the teenagers, we need to obey our parents and try to comfortable life. At the time when we’re able to make life by ourselves, we need to take the responsibility of taking care of our parents as well. When we constitute a family and become the parents, we need to focus on our children’s education and maintain the family stability.When a person is at his old age, his identity turns back to simple because he’s worries about money and needs to do things to satisfy himself such as traveling and keeping in good health. Family is always the most popular topic between old people when they’re with friends because they’re so caring of the development of their children or even grandchildren. This is how people have different identities when they’re in the families.

In conclusion, each person has different identities for different relationships and situations because they always need to change themselves in order to adapt the diversity of the society.