Identity Theft

Identity Theft It has become a new tradition in my immediate family to take cruises to different places in July. This year was going to be the best for me since we were heading to San Juan, Puerco Rice, SST. Thomas, SST. Martin and Nassau. We had all our excursions picked out and for once everybody was going to do something that only I wanted to do. We were going to take a walking tour of Old San Juan and see all the forts and cathedrals that were built when San Juan came about, but a problem that would occur that day could keep me from enjoying the day I had been looking forward to my hole summer.Sunday July 22, 2004, my family and I were getting ready to head down to Florida to get on our cruise ship, “The Explorer of the Seas. ” We got up at 6 in the morning and already I was having problems.

I broke my sunglasses the night before and was not able to get another pair. We got to the airport, stood In the lines, where I had to be searched because I set off the alarm and then I got on the plane.A two hour ride from Baltimore would take us to our destination Miami, Florida were we would stand In line again to go through all the checkpoints and retrieve our room key that would enable us to go to the club, play at the casinos, travel on and off the ship and let the people who want to drink. Drink. It was Tuesday, Steps, my cousin, was in and out that night bringing random guys Into our room. See we share a room together so then we don’t have to deal with the grownups and can go to sleep whenever we want.By six she was ready to go to sleep but complained she was hungry. She woke me up just so then she had someone to go with her while she ate.

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I really did not want to move but knew that if I didn’t, I would never hear the end of It. So I told her to hold on while I got up and got ready. .NET got dressed, brushed my hair and teeth and walked out of the bathroom Just to find her passed out on her bed asleep. I became very upset because I only had four hours of sleep, she woke me because she wanted to have someone to go eat with and now she was passed out.I know I could have Just gone back to sleep but I am the type of person where if I am awake, I can not fall back to sleep. So I decided I would go walk around the ship and get something to eat. I went for my waist pouch, since that held all my money, my driver’s license and room key but to my surprise it was not were I left it.

Where did I put it? ” started running through my mind. I searched everywhere in the room possible. I looked under the beds, on the beds, in the suitcases, bathroom, closet In the dresser and could not find it.I went out on the balcony to see if I left It out there but nothing there other than Step’s drinks from earlier that day.

I came back inside and turned our room upside down throwing clothes left and right, pushing Steps to move. During this time Steps just stayed asleep. I yelled at her to I OFF from the floor, placing them in the right place so the cleaning people could at least et through our room. I moved all the drinks and cigarettes from the dresser.

I removed all the tabs, stating all the alcohol she had but nothing. I started to panic.It was the day for my San Juan tour, the thing I have been looking forward to for months and at the rate everything was going I was going to miss it thanks to the way Steps is even though she is 18. I had the tickets which was good since the tickets were for all the excursions I was doing on the trip but without my room key, there was no way I was going to be able to do anything. After two hours of searching I took Step’s room key, ran up three flights of stairs and went to the buffet hoping to run into my grandmother to tell her the problem, but no one was there.

So after I ate and calmed down, I went back to my room and searched for another hour. I researched all the spots hoping I missed something. I next replayed the two days in my mind.

Sunday Steps, my cousin, Jamie and Bobby, her cousin’s, and I left the grownups to do our own thing after dinner. We went to the casinos and gambled some, which was our first mistake thinking we could win meeting, and then we went to “The Chambers”, which is a club. My cousin, being her flirtatious self, went to mingle with every guy possible in the club and left me by myself.I wanted to dance but I didn’t want her things to be left with no one watching them. So when she came back, I told her I was going back to our room since it was now Monday morning and I wanted some type of sleep. I went back to the room and placed my money, ID’s and room key in my suitcase.

Monday and I was stuck on the ship for a whole day because we were not reaching Puerco Rice till Tuesday. Since Steps didn’t get in the room till 6 1 didn’t worry about waking her up at 11. I called Jamie and Bobby grabbed the waist pouch and we went to the pool to work on our tan, swim and sit in the hot tub, but that got boring after awhile.We went inside and walked around the cruise ship to see what we could find.

On the way I stopped at the ice cream machines for my free ice cream, that had to be the best thing they put on the ship. By six it was time for dinner. We went ate and us “kids” went our own way. First was to the room to drop off the waist pouch in my suitcase. Steps went gambling.

Jamie and I went to the shows and met up with her at the Chamber by 1 1 . When we got to “The Chambers”, Steps introduced us to some people she met.We all Joked around and danced but by two in the morning, Jamie and I were tired and went back to our rooms. Steps on the other hand stayed up since she slept the whole day. I went back and got all my things ready for that day placed them beside my bed and went to sleep.

Knowing that I had my waist pouch earlier that morning made sure that the waist pouch had disappeared between the hours of 2-6. It wasn’t unusual for Steps to stay UT since she would get everything she wanted from the family, but bringing a guy into our room was the worse thing possible.After going through instant replay a hundred times I decided to leave again and check the buffet. First I ran into my dad and told him what happened, but all he said was, “Well I guess you are out of luck my trip be ruined for something Steps was doing? So I found my grandmother and told her what happened.

She came down and looked everywhere saying that I probably missed a place since I was panicking, but I knew I didn’t. To her surprise she did not find it either. I told her how Steps had some guys over while I was asleep and when that came out we started going over to my aunt and uncle’s room.My grandmother got them up told them what happened and brought them over to my room.

They screamed for Steps to get up but she would not budge. Finally we got her up. She denied having anybody in the room, since I knew she would, but I told her that I know someone was in the room because you guys were talking to me and I was getting upset.

She admitted finally to the claim and said only one guy was in our room. She would never admit if there were more. We called the security on the boat and told them everything. They searched too, but could not find the waist pouch either.I knew they wouldn’t especially since I looked three hours before anybody else came to look. They took the suspect’s name, which happened to be the one guy we were hanging out with the night before, and said they would watch him and search his room. That still didn’t help me though because I had no way of getting off the ship or home, I needed a picture photo to get off the ship and on the ship and checking through the airports required a photo ID proving I as a citizen, without any identification and how was I suppose to buy souvenirs on the ship let alone go to the clubs.

We explained that to security and they told me I need not worry. All I had to do was Just go to the fifth deck to the customer service desk and I could get new card, picture for identity and a paper to fill out saying I was a US citizen. After everything that had happened, Steps did not get into trouble. I wasn’t shocked because since it was Steps and vacation no one would do anything. Later that day she told the guy, who was the suspect to watch out since the security ere watching him even though he did not take anything.For the rest of the trip I was able to enjoy my Old San Juan tour and myself.

I was embarrassed to explain what happened to my driver’s license when people would ask to see some identity. I stayed away from Steps every night on the trip. She did her usual thing every night with the same group of people but this time she did not bring anyone into the rooms, but I didn’t care because I was able to enjoy my trip after the incident. Needless to say we never did find out what happened or if the guy really did take it.