Ielts speaking

How are deferent from ? How are big cities different from those of twenty years ago? How are big cities different from small towns? How are the holidays different to arrears ago? 1.

First of all. Second of all 2. I’m not sure about _ since I don’t have much experience on this matter. However I am aware of a bit difference which has something to do with . 3. I have to say there . Secondly, .

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Are lots of differences. Firstly, Do you prefer_? Do you prefer old buildings or modern ones? 1. I shall pick has a _quality that attracts me as well. If It were not . For . But I probably would go for _ Instead. . Doesn’t fit me unfortunately.

Which is almost all I care about in the matter of . 3. Can I not choose any of the two? Well, if I must, I would go for . It doesn’t make much of a difference to me but looks/sounds prettier. What does do to ? What are ? What measures does your government take to protect natural beauty? What’s the mall food In China? 1.

There are several different about is the one that comes first, since Then comes to be second since should also be taken into account for and . The reasons are as follows. 3.

Too many of _ can be mentioned in this case. However named because .Do you talk_? Do you think it is effective? Do you like cooking? Do Chinese people like to travel nowadays? Should be 1.

Yes, I do. I believe that is making _ much easier than it did before. People are becoming to realize . Thus we are all looking forward to it. 2. No, not really. I’m not buying the Idea that .

I understand that Is expected to be taken more seriously at the moment. But I Just don’t bother thinking about It. 3.

I’m not sure. Yes I know that is taken into account as time flies and at some occasions I do But seriously speaking, I don’t see how How do you think ?What’s your opinion of _? What’s your idea of a perfect holiday? . Say for instance, there was once that I . 2. I can’t define what s is. But I can share my experience and opinion about it.

It was _ ago when I feel like that was supposed to be how looks like. 3. This is what is about. Take me for example, when I was . Why? Do you prefer old buildings or modern ones? Why? Why do people buy those expensive paintings? Why do people in China traditionally want to have a son? 1 . Because it’s . And apart from that is another reason for it. And maybe the fact that can also explain it.

. The reasons of it are threefold. First of all Second of all, . Finally, . 3.

I don’t know about it for sure. But if I have to illustrate, I would have to say that _ would be a major reason. Aught to be reasons as well although they don’t seem to be persuasive. But they are what this is about. What should be done? What should pay attention to in travel? What suggestions do you want to make about it? What is the best way to bargain? 1. First of all, . Second of all .

Then 2. I’m not sure about _ since I don’t have much experience on this matter.However I am aware of a little of it which has something to do with _. 3. I have to say there are lots of . Firstly, .

Secondly, . Most What is the most important thing in your life? What is most interesting in learning English? What is the most important factor in choosing a Job? F course. For me it seems to be the because . Otherwise I would not should not be it due to .

And _ is a Vito too because . Alright it must be then. 3. I don’t see how _ can be but if I were to pick one that matters the most, it might be since . Relationship What is the relationship between happiness and money?What is the relationship between your boss and you? 1 . Well first of all, there is great difference between these two. But even though they keep affecting each other in many ways. For instance, .

Therefore they are closely bonded in some way. 2. The relationship between the two is quite controls and _affects in other ways. Advantage; disadvantage What are the advantages and disadvantages of going on a package holiday? 1 . Speaking off the top of my head, . However, 2. The good things about it are . While bad things would be .

3.A few things When When do most Chinese start to learn English? When will people use professional photographers to take photo for them? When do you normally shop for clothes? 1. Normally, . But sometimes it varies due to 2.

It depends on 3. Always when . But it’s not guaranteed. If anything comes up we Just need to make a second arrangement. What What is success? What do you mean by self-development? What is your idea of a perfect holiday? Can you describe your personal target and personal achievement? What are the characters of schools in China? Is something that .I hope you understand what I am saying because this is one explanation that, I believe, makes sense. 2.

Is like . They are similar for the fact that they _. And if you catch the metaphor, you will be aware of it. 3. _has In my perspective, _has so many levels.

First of all, it refers to . Then, it has . I hope these do explain it.

Something to do with Situation. What is the situation in the rural areas in China? What is the situation of computers equipped in nun campers? . Not good in fact. Are affected by _mostly. It leads to in the end. And it’s not a good picture at the moment.

. Pretty good. Not much terrible influence has affected . It is simply beyond our expectation. 3.

Not sure about it. What I do know is that and it could lead to a chaos. But on the other hand, . It may protect . Thus it’s hard to say. From being How How do people do fitness in China? How you are made to know the website? How should parents divide their family responsibilities? 1. Most of choose to .

While some others . Barely anyone _ but we can’t be sure if they do. 2. Different means can be provided. What I know about are .

Some . Some say _would do the Job too.I believe that they could be useful, say we can all of them. 3. The best way of doing so is to . But if that doesn’t work out well, we can always choose to . Other methods are easily accessible as well, like .

Importance How important is patriotism in international game? Is interest important in a person’s career? Is it necessary to make plans ahead? 1. Personally, I don’t think _plays a huge part. As a matter of fact I don’t even see how it comes to be a great concern. There are lots of alternatives to be picked in this couldn’t run without a proper_.

It is the only thing matter. 2.Sure it is important. Needed. 3.

Let me put it this way. Provided _ was not seen in no good could come In the future What kind of holidays do you think will become popular? Do you think learning art will be more and more popular? 1. I do believe that is on the track to play much more important role that it does now. Of course it might not change straight away. But we shall see it coming.

2. Not really. As long as _ stays firm, there wouldn’t be any further steps for _to take. 3. Hard to tell. If _ were to make a difference, then _ should be dealt with long before that. Therefore it’s really up to