If a larger number of equal opportunities existed,

If a larger number of equal opportunities existed, women would no longer realise that as if they will be harm themselves and also their profession by helping another woman achieve the corporate ladder. What is the results for a “queen bee syndrome” where women leaders which is subconsciously and consciously keep other women from top management positions in order to protect their own management position (Wrigley, 2002).In light of the “queen bee syndrome,” and other literature review explaining gender bias and gender discrimination, there have few proposition suggests that gender does affect personnel decisions. Proposition 1: Issues like work-life balance and the “queen bee syndrome” are two examples of how gender might make and filter decisions. Especially, both women and men will tend to prefer male partners for promotions and hiring due to these types of mental filtering. According to O’Neil (2003) claimed that feminist public relations scholars suggested that most of the organizational culture and environment may be to blame for the powerlessness of some female public relations practitioners in terms of advancement and salary. According to O’Neil also conducted a study to evaluate the cause of these powerlessness of some female public relations practitioners.

By applying structural framework and  feminist theory, O’Neil’s study tested whether the perceived affect of male and female in public relations industry was related to formal structural power, relationship power as well as gender. The findings showed that female have less formal structural power than men, but there were no any differences in relationship power. This was consistent with structural framework and the traditional feminist hypothesizing. The public relations practitioner’s have affected was related to the both their relationship power and formal structural power, but not related to gender. In recognition of this formal structural powerlessness, female can only reach equality in areas of public relations by creating an entirely new vision  and changing the system’s structure for the field of public relations (Hon, 1996).

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