If I were a Crayon

Just one crayon in a family of 16 magic scent crayons.

As you may have guessed, I smell like delicious bubble gum. I was a favorite among girls and I have been used to color many beautiful flowers. Unfortunately my delicious smell led to my untimely death in 1995 because children liked to eat me. As you can tell from the opening, Bubblegum is no longer available for comment.

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If I were a crayon I would choose to be Bubblegum because of the great smell and UN that I had as a child when I colored with the magic scent crayons.Bubblegum was always the first crayon that I had to sharpen because I would use it so much. Of course no picture is complete with Just one color but I would always find ways to make odd things pink when they should have or could have been another color. For instance, I would always make sure that a cat had a pink nose or a girls shoe laces were pink.

I loved to smell the bubble gum scent as I was coloring pictures but I was ever hungry enough to have a taste.The other crayons in the box, such as; blueberry, banana, grape, shampoo, squatty socks and alien armpits were fun but not as appealing to use. Not to mention, a few of them weren’t as pleasant to smell. Due to my obsession with pink bubblegum magic scent crayons I had roughly 8 boxes of crayons which were nearly brand new other than a missing pink bubblegum. I would love to buy a box of these for my children, but as Bubblegum mentioned at the beginning of the paper they are o longer on the market.In closing I want to leave you with a little bit of a surprise. If you look on the next page of this paper, there is a spot of pink bubblegum scented crayon.

If you give it a rub with your thumb to apply heat then hold it to your nose you will be able to smell the lovely scent of bubblegum. Please do not eat this paper, as it may be hazardous to your health. If I were a crayon, I would be pink bubblegum. Rub here and hold up to your face.

Flip over. If I were a Crayon By messiness’s