If In order to be educated, you must

If you look up what education means you will get different definitions from different sources. It is either an instruction or a personal experience. My personal opinion,  I’ve always believed that education is much more than reading books, writing, and doing homework. Education to me is about learning different skills that can help people get a good job and teach them valuable lessons that can prepare them for their future. Throughout my school years, I have heard a lot of my peers talking about how their GPA needs to be higher, or how their grades are not good enough. Education shouldn’t have to be based on any of that. In my opinion, it should be based on what you do with those lessons and experiences that you have learned, and use them as a tool to succeed in the world. Being educated is having the knowledge to have the ability to distinguish right from wrong. In order to be educated, you must go to school or have someone teach you. In order to live a prosperous life, you have to know how this world works. And for that reason, people go to school to get educated. For example, when we go to school we take English class which helps us with the knowledge of language and our speech, reading, etc. We also take math because it helps us figure out the number of ingredients we need when we are cooking. Or when we are buying things we need to know if we have enough money.  Math, English, and  Science classes are all related in some ways. That is why it is important to stay educated on those things because it helps us survive in life. Like I have said before knowledge is important for many reasons. We learn in order to gain more skills to develop our minds and give us a better picture of how to view the world. Also because if you learn something you are able to explicate things in depth because we already have knowledge of  When we are born we learn how to walk, read, and write. Which are one of the most important things in our early life. As we get older we learn new things either in school or outside of school. I personally believe that we never stop learning new things.