Ignition switch

Our topic for group C Is the GM Ignition switches that were faulty and have caused several deaths. According to the media the car could shut off while driving and the driver could lose control of the vehicle. I think the worst part Is when this happens to the car it shuts off while driving and the air bags will not deploy on impact. I feel like this topic becomes an ethical topic because apparently GM new that the switch was loyalty and continued to sell the cars and install the substandard switch.

The initial recall was not all cars with the faulty switch and several more lives were lost between the recall of the second group of recalls released several weeks later. The initial supply order for the parts needed to fix the faulty switch were distributed to several dealerships. This was a huge problem because the demand for the switches was much higher that the supplies distributed to the dealerships. The demand was so sigh for the switches In question that the supply was diminished in 2 months.

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I feel that this was a heartless act by GM and I feel that It was a slap In the face to the families that lost loved ones due to this recall. I also felt that it was disrespectful of the CEO to meet with some of the families. I don’t know how this woman sleeps at night. I feel that this was a cover up by GM and a terrible call by the CEO to let a faulty switch be installed in cars not knowing the damaged it might cause.

I think GM didn’t take responsibility for their mistake and they are completely wrong for releasing a substandard product to their customers and not fixing the issue before the cars were manufactured. I feel like this happens a lot in companies we are so quick to Jump the gun to make a profit that we are willing to sacrifice safety of product quality to meet the end result. I feel like this can really hurt a company’s name and consumers may start to undermine their products