Iliad and Evil Qualities

How do you value your love? How do you value your friendship? And how do you value your honor for the sake of something and someone. Lots of things might occur if we fight for what we value the most, and as a result, we created wars; war between and against someone. Most circumstances In the Iliad tell about the war between the Achaeans and the Trojan but It fires up when love, friendship and honor was became the center of what they are fighting for. Many lives were sacrifice because of arrogance and motional decisions made by men and the interfering of the Gods and Goddesses.Just like any other wars, it is still horrible, bloody and fruitless.

All results to sorrows for the family of each warrior who has been killed. One side of the story tells about love; love for the family and love for the opposite sex. This was also the reason why Menelaus wants to get back her wife Helen from Paris. The reasons why Achilles doesn’t follow Agamemnon because of dishonoring him by taking Bribers from him. Another thing is when Achilles killed Hector just to avenge his friend Patrols.

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The given situation based on Iliad only suggested that there’s no insignificance and easy death.That, when it touched the things that they value the most and/or is harmed or taken away from them, bloods may scatter everywhere. And because they are mortals, their actions have direct Influence on their lives. Actions that can make the situation better but sometimes make it worse.

Moreover, Zeus plays a big part in every event that happened into that war. He controls and interferes to them with the help of the other Gods and Goddesses. The death of Hector into that horror war prevails to the will of Zeus. In Homer’s Iliad story, the author shows his views on heroes, anti-heroes, and war.It shows that heroes have great qualities to them and that anti-heroes have evil qualities to them. The story also shows that even heroes have evil qualities. It tries to convey that all warriors have a choice between a life of war and a life of peace.

Homer’s view of a hero displays bravery, skills in martial arts, and even friendship. Hector is portrayed as the perfect hero in The Iliad. He displays amazing martial skills by being one of the Trojan’ top warriors. Hector also shows that he loves his family.

He’s very devoted to his wife and loves his children. Odysseus is another hero who is solid In his devotion to his people. Throughout the epic, he shows that he will never betray his people; he even does an amazing Job In melting up his groups. Prima was also portrayed as a hero. He was a leader who always cared for his men. Homer’s view of a villain is petty, selfish, and disloyal.

Achilles is shown as an extreme villain in The Iliad. Paris is also shown as a villain in the epic. He is displayed as selfish because he engages two countries in a massive war.Achilles, although displaying supreme martial ability in the battle field, is shown as a selfish and minor protestor. Hector, although portrayed as a family man, runs Like a coward from Achilles during battle. This shows that even yet everyone has their choice of living one life from the other. In The Iliad, Homer shows that war brings out the best and worst in people. It brings out the best of martial ability, loyalty, and love to family.

It also brings out insignificance, disloyalty, and murder. The author never leads to one side more than the other, he Just tries to convey the book in an unbiased way.