Imagine be seen on how our environment looks

Imagine living in a world that is bleak and neglected, would you still want to live in it? Wasteland is a place where the surroundings are neglected and humans depend everything on technology. Humans gets distracted of the many things that technology can do that they can forget their responsibility to the Earth. Humans are aware of what’s happening and no one wants to take action on what’s happening. Therefore, wasteland scenario will happen in the third millennium due to humans lacking foresight, neglecting their responsibilities to the planet and the effects of their actions.Humans lacking foresight plays a big part on turning the planet into a wasteland. People these days are terrible at planning the future. If needed to plan or do something that they think that isn’t important to them, it gets pushed under the rug and will only be remembered when it is near and humans ends up squeezing every work they need to to in a short amount of time . In the article, “Island Civilization” it says that, “Rarely do humans make plans more than a couple of years in advance.”. Humans have the opportunity to think big and to have a plan for wilderness and the society. We get the chance to plan what we want on the long run and how we’ll keep on improving our world for the next years to come and yet humans fail to do so and it’s turning our planet bit by bit into a wasteland.The irresponsibility of human beings can be seen on how our environment looks like now. We watch the news on TV and read them on newspapers but they’re both things that distracts us from how bad our environment today really is. We are so blinded by technology that once we actually open our eyes and see how we really are treating the environment that we’ll only realize how badly we’ve treated it. We live in a world with pollution, mass extinctions, overpopulation and etc. We know it and we tolerate it. We haven’t done anything to change it. The environment isn’t the only thing that we have neglected, our health too. As climate change, pollution and etc. gets worse, the rate of people getting sick increases. Malaria, Dengue Fever, HIV/ AIDS: these are some examples of the effects of climate change. Malaria and dengue fever is caused by mosquitos that introduces a parasite through its saliva and travels through the bloodstream and will go down to the liver where it’s gonna produce and mature. These diseases can be cured but it can also lead to death. So many things are happening and humans aren’t doing anything to change that. War, poverty and climate change has changed our world so much. This is the beginning of the wasteland and the end of the world we know today.