Imagine the mother oil rig of her time.

Imagine being on a oil rig in the middle of the gulf of mexico on fire.I know what you’re thinking (what do you mean) well i don’t want to say this but this was the case onboard the oil rig deep water horizon.Flashback…The deep water horizon towering 30 stories high the mother oil rig of her time.  Bp gas and oil company was leasing the rig from the company transocean.Right now Deep Water Horizon was drilling a well in the tiber oil field or Marcando oil prospect.  The crew of the deep water horizon we’re the best of the best. They were very fortunate to work on a rig that makes so much money and is as safe as the deep water horizon is having a record of no accidents that put her production to a stop in 10 years.Right now the deep water horizon was drilling a well to see how much oil is in the marcando oil prospect than once she completes the well a Permanent oil rig will be built over it and get the some 160 million barrels down below the ocean floor 5000 feet. The crew was about to start the final part off sealing this well until the other rig comes pouring concrete down the well shaft settling perfectly even at the bottom of the well.But Bp was waiting on some stabilizers that will keep the kill line strait so that all the concrete is level not pushed to one side which would cause a blowout.The concrete had caused a blowout that very night killing 11 men that’s lives will never be forgotten and causing a bankruptcy crisis for Bp.And dumping 5000000 barrels of oil which of today 24% to 50% is unaccounted for.As horrifying scenes started to unfold be had gotten hit hard imagine being the world’s largest oil and gas production company and then out of nowhere get hit with 30 billion dollars worth of fines.  American Citizens we’re angry some we’re burning British flags because the disaster was caused by was British petroleum. Meanwhile in southern Louisiana the oil was starting to show effects on marine wildlife and shoreline marshes were threatened.      Meanwhile coast guard and army planes dropped chemical dis parents onto the oil to try to break it down and make it so it’s can’t do any harm to local wildlife nearby.   Underneath the water at the Marciano oil well oil was still gushing out and would not stop until a release well was dug a release well is putting a tight metal concrete cap on top of a broken or damaged well seal. Investigators are still trying to figure out what happened and what caused the oil and gas to come flying out of well then past the concrete.Even to this day that is still unknown but investigators did figure out what caused a fire to start and make the well snap from explosions.The world will never forget this disaster that still leaves oil around today. And that claimed the lives of the following men.Jason C Anderson 35.  Aaron Dale Burkeen 37. Donald Clark 49.Stephen Ray Curtis 39. Gordon L Jones 28. Roy Wyatt Kemp 27.Karl D Kleppinger Jr 38. Keith Blair Manuel 56.These were the men who lost their lives in the horrifying 36 hours of the deep water horizon exploding. And millions of animals also died from this be paid the price and cleanup operations we’re started but the outcome of this disaster will never be forgotten.