Impact of Environmental Incidents on Communities

The short term affects are that they would have no food which would cause the mass of Haiti to starve which would cause either great illness or death. They would have no clean water which could lead to getting diseases EGG. Typhus! It Is dangerous to drink unsafe water as It could lead to death.

All communications were down which causes affect because there would be no hence of getting supplies to Haiti at this time and it would cause a big dilemma due to the state the Haiti people would be in after this dreadful incident. There would be lack of medical aid, this would cause problems because the majority of the Haiti would be injured badly if not fatal injuries that need tending to. So the people of Haiti would have been priorities due to lack of medical care. If there was no chance of being saved in such a short time someone else would get the care.

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Whereas If there were medical aid was available everyone would be seen to and helped as much as possible. The ports and roads would have been closed making It difficult for supplies to get to them in on road vehicles which would have an impact again on the people of Haiti as they wouldn’t have any food or water. The spread of disease would have short but major effects on the country as medical aid wasn’t commonly available and only available in small doses leaving the spread of disease dangerously occurring around Haiti with nothing to stop it causing people to be ill and death would be the main factor.Fires and destroyed buildings is dangerous because they will be of course all over he ground leaving sharp and dangerous objects on the floor causing Injuries If fell or stood on and the fires are dangerous as the people of Halt would be breathing In the enough of. Long Term Effects: The long term effects would be debt owed to other countries as they will have had to borrow it to repair Haiti and get it back to its old state. Building houses, accommodation, supplies and important things that Haiti needed would be bought with this borrowed money.

It would cost millions to repair the damage which Haiti hasn’t got but there not much more hey could have done. So they would have to repay back the money eventually leaving them in debt which could be a problem as its and on-going problem where people need supplies and medical attention because they are a poor country even before the Earthquake. Debt to other countries – from borrowing money to rebuild, everything needs to be rebuilt so perhaps stronger more ‘earthquake proof’ houses etc. Better emergency plan for families ‘e.

Plans for the future in case of other disasters, spread of disease – may cause medical problems to run through generations (like what happened when there was a nuclear mob dropped in Japan), Jobs may be created as there will be a great need in the construction industry for rebuilding to take place. Their economy will drop big time because of the amount destruction. No one will visit for holiday and no one will be able to afford anything.

This would have an effect because there would be no money coming into the country which they need to repay their debt leaving the country in severe need. 6 months after the quake, 98% of the rubble remained UN cleared, some still blocking vital access roads. The number of people in relief camps of tents and tarps since the quake was 1. 6 million, and almost no transitional housing had been built.

Most of the camps had no electricity, running water, or sewage disposal, and the tents were beginning to fall apart.This is an effect because the repair work was slow causing the Haitian to live in poor conditions with no supplies which they needed to survive. The short term affects are that the roads would have been damaged in the city centers causing havoc and difficulty as no one would be able to use the roads to get into the cities. This would have an effect for people who work or need to get into the cities. Eave had to pull their weight leaning up the streets after the riots.

EGG, Public services, the council and the public.Businesses would be losing out on money due to their shops being looted and vandalized. Even if their businesses weren’t affected they wouldn’t be able to open and make any money due to the city centers being shut as no one could get into the city. Public transport would have been affected as no one was allowed into the city centers this would affect the public transport staff as they wouldn’t be getting paid as they weren’t allowed to work due to the centers being closed off.It would affect people who work in the city centers as they wouldn’t be able to get to work and they wouldn’t be getting paid. This would affect their everyday lives.

If children went to school near the city centers their schools would be shut due to fear and lack of confidence to open up the schools. Tourism would be affected again because the city centers would be closed but after the riots not many people would want to go into the cities due to lack of confidence and fear as they didn’t know if it would happen again.This would affect the community as no money would be being dad as no tourists would want to go there. Confidence would be a big issue as a lot of people wouldn’t have the confidence to go into their city shopping or working as they feared it may happen again. Long term effects: A long term effect would be, With London, England poised to host the 2012 Summer Olympics, the UK can ill-afford a nightmare scenario of tourists and other Olympic visitors being so turned off by the riots that they refuse to come to see the games in person.

Images of the besieged capital city, with innumerable fires, and the police overwhelmed can stay seared into the collective mind set of the masses long after law and order has been restored. This would definitely turn off many, as the I-J was essentially overrun very quickly by rioters, who were poorly-armed with rudimentary weapons. People considering going to London, I-J for the Olympics may fear a repeat of the 2011 riots. But it could also affect tourism in its immediate aftermath and well into the 2012 Olympic year and beyond. Its greatest and most serious effects will be felt until the 2012 Summer Olympics are over.Another long term effect would be businesses again because if the damage was really bad then it would take time to repair and if they were looted it would take a while to recover the stock and get more stock in. So they wouldn’t be making money and due to this the business might have to close.

It would affect the economy due to no money being made especially in the times of Public services such as schools, hospitals, social services and other community projects. It will not be the wealthy and powerful who feel the brunt of this.