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Improve Google Ranking: The Ultimate SEO Guideby MORITZ BAUERIf you want to check which position your website is currently in Google, use my free Google Rank Checker toolYou want to improve your Google ranking?Better to be found in the search engines?Then you are exactly right here!Here you’ll find everything you need to get the most out of Google.I’ll show you in 7 simple steps how you can optimize your website for SEO so that it comes all the way up on Google.And the best part:The tips that I’ll show you right away, you can implement NOW immediately and they will have a noticeable impact on your results in no time.

Google SEO Optimization – Table of Contents1. Search engine optimization in 20172. Check Your Website – With the SEO Quick Check Tool3. SEO optimization basics1. Google ranks pages, not domains2. Per page = one keyword3. The higher the user values, the higher your ranking4. Optimize Your Website SEO – In 7 Easy Steps1.

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 Optimize the title2. Optimize meta-description3. Optimize URL4.

 Optimize content5. Optimize images6. Optimize links7. Optimize user experience5. Mobile Responsive Check6. The 7 most common mistakes in search engine optimization7. SEO checklist for downloadSearch Engine Optimization in 2017 – Easier than Ever!Search engine optimization is easier today than ever before.

Why?Because Google has now become damned smart and no longer displays the content at the top that has the most backlinks, but the content that provides the most ADDED VALUE to the visitor!And that means for you:You no longer have to have a lot of money, know-how or insider knowledge to rank well.You do not have to spend ages building up some stupid backlinks …No! All these times are over ( thank God , thank God !).

What applies today and what will bring you even in 2017, 2018, 2019 .. 2092 good rankings, is quite simple:Who has the best content wins!That’s exactly what I had recently at a conference with Prof. Fischer (if you do not know that: that is the SEO guru in Germany – and even with Professor title!) Entertain.And he saidGood content has always been what’s most important to Google.

 However, it has still been relatively easy to outsmart Google with other factors.Prof. Dr. Mario Fischer Professor of Business Informatics of the website Boosting MagazineThese times, my dear friend, are over today!Today YOU can decide if your content comes under the first # 3 results. You just have to do a few important things, right …Which things are that and how you can implement them today on your website, I’ll tell you on this page …Website Check – The SEO Quick-Check ToolBut before we start, I’ve made you a little tool here …This SEO tool will show you what your website is currently about and what else there is to improve.Just enter your URL and your keyword (= the keyword you want to find) and the tool will spit out possible suggestions for improving your website.