In 2015 to Mars and Spectrum. Overall, Procter

          In addition, Procter and Gamble assembled
a sizeable portfolio of food products. but the business is quickly colored by
more exciting market segments like beauty or family care. The Snacks and Coffee
share gained unexpected new life in the 1990s from the sudden popularity of
Sunny Delight and Pringles product, but it remains uncomfortable with other
interests of company. The Petfoods Iams Division is sold in two parts in 2014
and 2015 to Mars and Spectrum. Overall, Procter and Gamble is a company that
produce product that always be used to improve the lives of consumers itself.


are such several reason why Procter Gamble (P&G) is the one potential
company to choose. Procter and Gamble is the most company that has a relatively
high yield. Besides that, a high return on product revenue also is more
potential for this company. Corporate restructuring,
improved productivity and product innovations are set to catalyze earnings,
stock prices and dividends moving forward for the company. Despite the
negative effects of negative currencies, Procter and Gamble positive catalysts
and low ratings mean that we continue to increase its potential earnings

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from that, P & G does not seek to increase their sales through the major
and comprehensive investments in prices, but rather, invest in product
innovation to allow higher margins. Such as an example, Procter and Gamble do
the innovation of products such as Gillette FlexBall and Oral-B Powerbrush
which are expected to build the product category and brand sales. Moreover, the
company committed to increase their advertisement spend as well as to attract
customer. Furthermore, Procter and Gamble is a good product to buy for household.
There are also produce organic product to sale for increase their sale.

reason for choosing Procter and Gamble product is the company as a defensive
business. Procter and Gamble core business is very secure. In the P & G
Umbrella categories of product such the Tide detergent and Pampers, goods which are in demand even if consumers continue to
tighten their spending. Not only that, Procter and Gamble also diversified the
portfolio of products through keeps company from not being overexposed too much
in one segment only.


















                        STP is the short form
for the segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies of marketing in one
organization. The relationship between how organization choose to compete in
market with the overall market is shows in the STP process. The segmentation,
targeting and positioning also a process which mean is executed first for
segmentation, while the selection of one or more target
market and finally implement position. The
objective of the STP process is to guide company for the development and
implementation of appropriate marketing mixes, as shown in the following




this basic model of the segmentation, targeting and positioning process is a
good for each organization understanding the overall process, there are such
more details approach must be follow. It will describe how important this
marketing concept for company doing their business as below diagram.




Figure 2 : The full market segmentation process


According to Kotler and Keller 2012, the meaning of
market segmentation can be define as a deals with the identification of the
market constituents into the several groups or segments based on the specific
profile. Then, target marketing deals with the selection of segments and
development of the measures to attract the selected consumer groups.
Ultimately, market positioning deals with the competing products by means of
unique attributes and benefits. Although there are some associated drawbacks
related to the target marketing, segmentation and positioning such the ethical
issues, inhibited popularity due to the cynicism to the discrimination
practices in these strategies, as well as waste of the resources, most firms
still utilize these mechanism due to the benefits offered such as improved
operation efficiencies, better product positioning accuracy and increased the
possibilities for opportunity identification ( Kotler and Keller, 2012 ).

                                Marketing is a process for reaching consumers to create
awareness about products that ultimately sell them. So company have an offering
and want to sell it to customer. In this situation, this paper will describe
where segmentation, targeting and positioning come into           the Procter and Gamble picture. A customer is the one who
expects the best product or service      at
the most possible price. A company wants to sell the lowest cost product at a
maximum price to make a big profit. As the world does not fit, users will know
he will not get what they expect


          and will solve the optimum product for
the money. A company can provide the best products and services in premium
prices, value-based products for the least possible price and semi-premium
products for the price range intermediaries. A company may offer products or
services for one or more identified segments. Therefore, select a particular
segment of the segment available as targeting. Thus,
with a targeting medium term is the process of identifying the appropriate
segments available and offer a product or service to the company .               

                                Positioning is all different
concepts. it’s more psychological than materialistic.
So far company have only seen customers as having a need. In line with their
needs, they also have priority. Likewise we have seen the market as a single
player that provides different products to people with different needs. In a competitive market, many players will operate and offer
different products in each segment are available. In their presentations, each of them must provide certain must-have
features to stay in segments and some unique features to differentiate them. It
is the process of putting an offer in the most favored position in the mind
Priority may be due to quality, user experience, brand image, price,
performance and anything else.