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In automotive design, the auto blueprint describes area on the agent the agent and drive auto are found.

Many altered combinations of agent area and apprenticed auto are begin in practice, and the area of anniversary is abased on the appliance for which the agent will be used. Factors influencing the architecture best accommodate cost, complexity, reliability, packaging (location and admeasurement of the commuter alcove and boot), weight distribution, and the vehicle’s advised administration characteristics.Layouts can almost be disconnected into two categories: front- or rear-wheel drive. Four-wheel-drive cartage may booty on the characteristics of either, depending on how ability is broadcast to the wheels.The all-inclusive majority of rear-wheel-drive cartage use a longitudinally army agent in the advanced of the vehicle, active the rear auto via a driveshaft affiliated via a cogwheel amid the rear axles. Some FR blueprint cartage abode the gearbox at the rear, admitting best attach it to the agent at the front.

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o Even weight administration – The blueprint of a rear-wheel-drive car is abundant afterpiece to an alike fore-and-aft weight administration than a front-wheel-drive car, as added of the agent can lie amid the advanced and rear auto (in the case of a mid-engine layout, the absolute engine), and the manual is confused abundant added back.o Weight alteration during dispatch – During abundant acceleration, weight is placed on the rear, or active wheels, which improves traction.o No torque beacon (unless it’s an all-wheel beacon with an account differential).o Steering ambit – As no complicated drive shaft joints are appropriate at the advanced wheels, it is accessible to about-face them added than would be accessible application front-wheel drive, consistent in a abate council ambit for a accustomed wheelbase.

o Better administration at the easily of an able – the added alike weight administration and weight alteration advance the administration of the car. The advanced and rear tyres are placed beneath added alike loads, which allows for added anchor while cornering.o Better braking – the added alike weight administration helps anticipate alcove from the rear auto acceptable unloaded beneath abundant braking.