In consistent conflict management. Some people believe that

In a time when our country was in it formative years, two opposing factions arose. Each was concerned how to create a new government and how the new government was to be organized. The first two political parties were create during the struggle over the ratification of the federal Constitution of 1787.  The attention switched from creation of the new government but how powerful will that new government. The Federalists, who was led by  Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton wanted a strong central government led by industry and wealthy. The Democratic-Republicans or sometimes known as Anti-Federalist led by Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson believe in a strong state government led by the “common man” and advocated states’ rights instead of centralized power. As time will go by one would gain and hold prominence for many years. In sometimes the two political parties would agree in many different things but, two first political parties have many different views in their role of citizens participating in the government, their view on the economy, the powers of the government and where they should be held, and their views on foreign alliances.
              The Federalists were supporters of the Constitution. The Federalist were lead by Alexander Hamilton.The Federalist believe that the Constitution was required in order to safeguard the liberty and independence that the American Revolution had created. The Federalist wants a strong national government  and the ratification of the Constitution to help manage  the debt and the tensions following the American Revolution. The debt and the tensions was best showed by the conflict of the Shay’s Rebellion. The Federalist thought that this strong consecrate government would allow for standardized fiscal and monetary policy for more consistent conflict management.  Some people believe that this more centralized power seemed  same as the monarchical power of the English crown that had so recently and controversially been defeated. The consequences of a  more centralized government is burdensome and unfair taxation.The Democratic-Republican party was led by Thomas Jefferson .The Democratic-Republicans believed in states right in opposition in the to the central government of the Federalists. They believed  in a limited central government and a small national army.The Democratic-Republicans believed that government did not have the right to adopt additional powers to fulfill its duties under the Constitution.The Democratic-Republicans had a very strict interpretation of the Constitution and opposed the National Bank.
                 The economy views of the Federalist were very different from what the Democratic-Republicans view about economy. The Federalists stood for funding the old Revolutionary War debt and assumptions of the state debts, passage of excise laws, creation of a central bank maintenance of a tariff system  and favorable treatment of  American shipping. The Federalists who las led by Alexander Hamilton proposed that the government assume the entire debt of the federal government and the state. Alexander Hamilton during Sec of Treasury in GW’s administrations  had a economy plan a three step plan .  The first step of plan was to pay the Debt. Issue new bonds to pay the old bonds and have the USA take picks up states debts.When selling  bonds to wealthy Americans, he tied the fate of the country with their fate. If America succeeds, they succeed  if fails they lose. The second step for Alexander Hamilton plan was step up a National Bank . The National Bank was based   on the Bank of England  and print paper money. The third step of Alexander Hamilton economy plan was to increase Revenue which was Excise Taxes and Protective Tariffs. When Alexander Hamilton put this in his plan he meant to grow American Industry and support American products. The Democratic Republicans favored keeping the U.S Economy based on agriculture  and be a agriculture provide for the entire world. Thomas Jefferson idea was that if we can have a surplus in crops we can sell it to other countries and use the money to buy manufactured goods from Europe. The Democratic-Republicans want all U.S families should own their own farm. Jefferson believed that the working-class people who but aside their personal gains if they own enough property to feed their families. Democratic Republicans want to stay a agriculture nation, very different from the Federalist.Jefferson favored the middle class working people Thomas Jefferson said “Cultivators of the earth are most valuable earth”. This means that people who help the earth grow are very valuable to our country. Thomas Jefferson view of citizens is to help in agriculture and help America be valuable.
             In Foreign allies The Federalist were pro-British, they had very strong trade lies with them and opposed the French. Federalist uncontrolled violence of the French Revolution, feared the radicalism of the Revolution might effect the the minds of U.S citizens. The Federalist used the violence of the French Revolutionaries as reason to attack Democratic-Republicans in the United States. They believed that Jefferson and Madison would lead the country into a bad path. The Federalist were very involved in foreign allies they were always try to negotiating treaties.The Democratic-Republicans were very cautious in foreign affair and in foreign allies. They proceeded with the negotiation with France for Louisiana Purchase with caution.The Democratic did really want to look outside for Foreign help. They believe that this is was a new land that they have a lot to explore.
         The Federalist and Democratic were very different in main ways in the political world. They believe in different things. The Federalist led by Alexander Hamilton believed in strong central government, emphasis on manufacturing and favored the national bank. They were also big supporters of the British. The Democratic-Republicans led by Thomas Jefferson want strong state government, emphasis on agriculture and opposed the National Bank. In this essay you can see the differences in role of citizens participating in the government, their view on the economy, the powers of the government and where they should be held, and their views on foreign alliances.