In contrasting to an event that is very

In Chapters 5 to 7, Jim is separated from his parents after escaping from a hospital, and it is interesting to analyze the impacts made on Jim by this incident. To start off with, it is strange to see that Jim does not have any significant sign of sadness or missing of his father and mother. In fact, after realizing his mother’s disappearance, he does not cry but falls asleep at the foot of his mother’s bed as stated at the end of Chapter 6. The next morning, Jim is curious about not where, but why his mother has gone with profound levels of imagination, since page 46 states “Jim tried out the dance steps himself, which seemed far more violent than any tango he had ever seen,” and proceeds to imagine ‘his mother dancing the Tango with the Japanese soldier’; contrasting to an event that is very likely to have been a Japanese soldier seizing his mother. He even decides to look for his friends first yet not his parents when he goes outside for a bike ride on page 48. It is also stated on page 46 that in a matter of just four days “Jim had accepted that his mother and father would not be coming home.” This is in relation to Jim’s tough character, seen when he is unfazed and not affected by the numerous injuries he gets throughout Chapter 7. Therefore we can see that Jim’s resilience and independence makes it so that his missing parents do not cause much impact to him in terms of loss and trauma. However, Jim takes an advantage of his parents’ disappearance – freedom. Upon realizing that his parents were gone, his actions included eating his favourite foods out of the pantry, sleeping with his model aircraft (which was banned by Vera, his governess) and roaming around the empty hallways and rooms on his bike. Even the author writes on pages 47-48 “The war had brought him at least one small bonus.”  With his parents gone, Jim feels ecstatic that no one is around to order or restrict Jim’s actions; a portrayal of his adventurous, misbehaving self. Opposed to having a governess and multiple servants around the house eyeing his every move, we see that Jim can finally fulfil the mischievous side of himself at a situation where no one is there to guard him. In these terms, therefore, the separation from his parents allowed him to enjoy a great amount of freedom and happiness where he could do anything he wanted any time.