In evidence states how oedipus drove his eyes

 In Oedipus The king by Sophocles Oedipus developes guilt and shame because when you find out the truth you may not always accept it. The  reason why oedipus develops guilt and shame because he found out that he was sleeping with  his mother and that gave him guilt and shame for discovering the truth. My literary device for this story is Dramatic irony because it took a while  for oedipus to find out who his parents were and sooner or later he’s sleeping with his mother he didn’t know but the author already did.  During the story it took a long time for oedipus to find out who his parents were but he winds up sleeping and having children with his mother which drives him to guilt and shame Sophocles uses Dramatic irony. My first piece of evidence states ”he looked upon his future and says don’t worry you will wed your mother but it is true a lot of men have slept with their mothers”.This proves that jocasta didn’t know that one day oedipus would sleep with his mother but when the queen found out she immediately killed herself.This proves my claim to oedipus finding out so late leads him to shame and guilt for sleeping with his mother. The narrator states how oedipus mom kills herself stated in the  states how oedipus’s mom kills he”she killed herself you didn’t see it  so you’ll be spread the worst of what went on but from what irerall of what i saw you’ll learn how the poor women suffered.” This  States when the queen found out she was sleeping with her son that she decided to kill herself.  This also proves my claim by the mother also feeling guilty for sleeping with her son so she decides to kill herself.My last piece of evidence states how oedipus drove his eyes out when he sees his mother A cord stated In the text” Oedipus saw her with a  Dreadful groan  He took her body out of noose which the Hagen of the poor woman with laying on the ground he  ripped the golden brooches  see Wore  as ornaments raise them to his eyes and drove  eyeballs crying as he did you will no longer see those atrocious  thing I suffered”. This shows that app is really felt bad for his mother and how she suffered. this also proves my  claim by Oedipus Drive in his eyes out he felt the guilt is saying that his mother’s death was his fault cuz she felt weird for sleeping with her son who is out of his.From all the evidence and information about deeply for his mother and sense that the mother killed herself close to say could she be ashamed Blue sleeping with her son As  Oedipus felt ashamed for sleeping with his mother. This  proves  my claim that oedipus had a lot of guilt as he fell forward to knowing who his mom was but the author as used dramatic irony towards oedipus not even knowing who his mother was he took farther and farther  into his quest when the only person that knew who his mother was is jocasta the one who was giving to him by the queen so threw the whole story he could of told him but  he decides not to which leads oedipus to sleeping with the women he calls his wife but is also his mother. What i am taking away from the story that relates to me is that a few weeks before my birthday i wanted a dog but my mom said that i wasn’t ready ready for a dog cause i wasn’t ready to handle that responsibility so i asked my grandma and she said that she would buy me a dog i got it on my birthday two days after my birthday the dog was peeing  around the house and my mom was sleeping i was so guilty and ashamed that my mom was telling the truth that i wasn’t ready for a dog yet so my mom woke up saw pee on the floor she called my grandma to come pick up the dog and bring it to her house  until i was ready to handle it.This shows that i didn’t want to believe what my mom was saying that i wasn’t ready for a dog but turns out i and i was ashamed of myself for not being responsible for cleaning after my dog and i felt guilty of believing what was true cause if i did i would’ve never got the dog.