In However, the Constitutional Council barred the law

In 2006, the French legislation was already supporting women in the labour word by publishing an act on equal salary for both gender. Then, they have adopted articles 21 and 22 that is implementing that no more that 80% of the members of the board cannot be the same gender. However, the Constitutional Council barred the law as it was considered as violating the constitutional principle of equality. In 2011, the Act of 27 January introduced the Corporate Board Quota that enforces that the governing and supervisory boards should reach at least 40% of female members in private companies in the beginning of 2017. The private companies should be listed on a regulated market or having at least 500 permanent employees during three consecutive fiscal years.This gender quota has been established by the Act of 27 January but also by the AFEP/MEDEF-Code. The soft law is suggesting that companies should have 20% of women in their board within three years from the later of their 2010 general meeting or when the company’s shares have been admitted in the regulated market and of 40% within six years of either event.In 2012, an act has been introduced to implement it in public companies.To be sure that companies are respecting the quota, the French legislation has applied sanctions for non-compliance. By non-compliance, it means non-compliance with the staffing principle or non-compliance with gender quotas. For the non-compliance with the staffing principles, there is no sanction if the board doesn’t have a balanced representation of both genders. Yet, the presidents of the boards should report the composition of their bord and the application of the principle of balanced representation of both sexes in the management report – added to the annual reports-.If the company doesn’t comply with gender quotas there are two sanctions possible.Nullity of appointments made in violation of the gender quotas Suspension of payment of attendance fees However, the non-compliance sanctions are difficult to implement as there is not a proper instrument or body to ensure compliance. In beginning 2017, the board of directors of big companies didn’t reach the Corporate Board Quota. According to Leyders Associates, a recruitment office, 39% of the members of the board of SBF 120 companies are women and for the CAC 40, 39,8%. However, according to a study made by Spencer Stuart, an office headhunter, cited in Les Echos, 42% of the members of the board of directors of the CAC 40 are women in the middle of the year.It can be difficult to reach the quota for some companies, specially for the SBF 120 firms, because the boards must wait that the directors have finished their terms before hiring new directors. Also, there is still a male chauvinism that is making the women integration in boards of directors slow.