In in creating an effective communications policy for

In 2010 in Stubb County there was a public health epidemic of rapidly increasing obesity rates where both children and adults were being diagnosed with Diabetes and approximately 42% of children were considered obese. Obesity can occur due to the health disparities, socioeconomic, ethnic, cultural as well as several other factors. The case study had several flaws in creating an effective communications policy for the town of Stubb County. The Public Health Director lacked in creating a proposal that was to help decrease the rise of obesity. Communication lacked in many sides because the leader did not devise a creative timeline from the beginning where they will create a proposal that will be delivered to the stakeholders, the county, the community as well as to the staff. Lack of training of what types of policies and where to start when they are in charge of a communications plan seemed to have been lacking in the Department of Public Health. With the help of the Director for Stubb County, they were able to offer some programs to have nutritional meals at schools, extend longer hours for parks, as well as have beverage policies on vending machines. Although they focused on children and schools, they also didn’t include adults in the picture. The Public Health Director could have also implemented beverage machine policies at the employers. There was no effective budget that was being maintained and there seems to not have been a targeting audience. Overall the case study could have benefited from a timeline plan, a strategic communication plan to efficiently communicate with staff members as well as stakeholders, and community members so that the proposed plan could be approved through their finance department to make sure they had enough funds for their new policy changes at schools. As a public health director, he should have effectively created a plan so that they can create a budget-friendly plan for data results and communicate effectively with stakeholders, staff members as well as the community as a whole. There were no data results to show whether their programs created had effectively been utilized by the community, were there policies in place at schools so that children and parents were notified of the recent changes. Did parents, children and the community at large utilize the implemented items listed in the case study? Well, we will never know unless the Directors created a plan to identify the percentage of decreased or reduced obesity and patients. What types of media was established in the process of reducing the obesity rates in Stubb County, the case study did not discuss any of these results or any plan that was created as well. There were missing data that we weren’t able to see from the results from medical professionals at pediatricians as well as primary care physicians offices, where demographic results are typically measured to create a results chart within the months or years or their patient’s medical history. Obesity not only reduces the quality of life, but the individual and families can suffer from financial loss due to unable to work from disability or not having enough funds to go to college or pursue their education. Lacking education overall and leading children for more complications later on in life that can also attack their emotional mental health well being. The case study shows how poorly the public health leaders worked with the given funds and were unorganized.     Every single healthcare professional in the healthcare field needs to follow the HIPAA privacy rule that has been implemented from hospital policies as well as the federal law indicating to protect the privacy of individuals. It is to protect the dignity of those so that there is no way the research hurt others or have any liability of ethically abusing the information one was provided especially due to the easy access to the internet and all files via the internet source (Nass, 2009). The research that is being implemented in the Stubb County can also be used to benefit the community as a whole without hurting it. The case study didn’t release the statistics of how many children or adults benefited from the changes that they made at school grounds or to their communities by building a park or extending longer community hours. They could have documented how many people, what ages, how many days throughout the week, what types of recreational items are they utilizing could have been documented without disclosing any information about a specific individual. Health information is absolutely confidential and needs security on all stored data via electronic medical record or any time of health record being released or documented. One needs to make sure that no personal data is released onto the public because it can number one hurt an individual, be disrespectful, none of other people’s business, can become discrimination if one’s disclosing each individual’s racial identities and it can also become embarrassing and psychologically disturbing to them as well. Press statements need to be reviewed and also be wary of releasing any personal data because any news can become modified, exaggerated or it can also continue to change the perspectives of those within the community from what they see via social media or any press releases (Sumner, 2016). They could have utilized facebook, twitter, Instagram and any other social media as an engagement process throughout the Stubb County as well. For example Facebook is now being used as a health-promoting tool so that it can help change and help people through the community view a certain issue shed a different light Facebook also shares a statistical date that positively informs the communication line that was detected throughout the engagement process of likes, comments, or shares (Kite, 2016). Communication is an important part of how people respond to crisis moments especially when the Stubb County was on the verge of increasing chronic disease such as diabetes and how children’s obesity rates were rapidly increasing. This was a public health crisis and they should have utilized social media by making the situation be aware and improving their communication skills with the people who were working on the project in Stubb County. The Stubb County’s director didn’t seem to communicate all their projects as well as their funds well with other staff members. The Stubb county also was not informed of the situation. A public health leader should be able to devise a well thought out plan where it includes all stakeholders, a positive communication usage of press releases and social media as well as to make sure they have enough funds for the implemented changes. As healthcare professionals, I believe a leader should be able to have an effective timeline plan where they can also keep the staff and all stakeholders understand the new changes that are implemented in the organization to make sure everyone understands the plan or any upcoming changes to create a team effort work environment. Roberto Maldonado and I worked efficiently together. We were on the same track with most of the case study questions and we were both able to bring in different perspectives on a public health level. It was very helpful to gain more insight on how Roberto would react in certain situations within our case studies concerns and issues.