In is interesting and they will definitely go

            In the last scene  contains a series of events that ends in thechild drowning in the fountain, the boy committing suicide  ,the step daughter running out of thetheatre. And only the father, mother and son remains in the stage.

After seeingand hearing the’ entire’ thing  the directorfeels confused whether it was real or not and he concludes that whatever be thecase he has lost the entire day with it. Our stories too will appeal like thisto others. Who matters if we are genuine or not. who matters real and unreal.

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Theyhears u till the moment they feel your story is interesting and they will definitelygo away commenting  worthy or unworthy!.Theworld is cruel, absurd and chaotic. It is  sometimes  “inhumane”!!! The contradictions, thedisintegrations in the play and the linear plots adds to the totality of the play.The art is the replica of life and it is to be. The Play appealed me as replicaof the modern disturbed, chaotic,  heartlessworld.The Italian play SixCharacters in Search of an Author by Luigi Pirandello for me is anabsurdist Metatheatric play.

The play is about the six characters , unjustlydenied of their stage life and they  are insearch of an author .The nameless characters  represents the absurdity, meaninglessness, unpredictabilityand vagueness of the mad world to which we are born .The world is chaotic. it entangles us. It confuses us all .Butthe reception of the  confusion that iscreated by world will vary from  personto person. Here the six characters are in utter confusion. They face a kind ofexistential crisis because they are not yet finished ,they are unfinished charactersleft by their author.

They urge to be completed. In the beginning of the play weare introduced to a company that prepares to rehearse the play Mixing It Upby Pirandello .They are interrupted by the six characters who are in search ofan author.

.The acting company members ,especially the director feels very muchirritated for the disturbance and thinks that they are mad people .But later he lends his ears to listen to them as hefeels that the story is interesting .

I felt that we ourselves are just likethose mad people, the six characters . We are the unfinished charecters.We havebeen playing the life’s drama for a long ,and we are fed up with the uncertainty and unpredictability of our life .Forthose who believe in God  ,it is who isthe author.It is based on his script that we are acting.He has not revealed thecomplete  story yet. So for us, we arelike the unfinished actors.

we want our stories not to be always uncertain. Weare acting a play of uncertainities..we are in stagnation,yet we are going on, confused,quarelling with our own selves. We may not be expressing our inner conflictsand chaos as the Six charecters in search of an author do.But there is alwaysan urge know the meaning of our existence.There is always a thirst to know the purposethat the Creator has in mind in creating us . I personally have felt the sameurge many times in my life.

  I wish if I couldknow what is the next   scene I am going to act. Life is absurd, weall may feel it  atleast at some pointsof time. It is this absurdity that is presented through the play.

The nameless father,mother, stepdaughter, son, boy and child are in search of their identity. Manis always in search of his identity from his birth to death. He is strugglingto be recognized, but  many ends up theirplight with the last recognition that even they could not recognize who theywere .

Life in fact is a play. We are the actors who are assigned to act a senselessrole that is uncertain. Ours too is a kind of Meta theatrical  play.