IN is torn between her loyalty to her

INTHE PLAY ” TRIFLES” WHICH WAS WRITTEN BY SUSAN GLASPELL MRS PETER IS SEEN AS CHANGING HER MINDINTRODUCTIONMrs. Peters who happens to be a sheriff’s wife isalso Mrs. Hale’s partner in crime which happens to be an odd role for a sheriff’swife. When we are first introduced to her in ‘trifles’ you can never guess thatshe will be a rebel later on as she is described as ‘a slight wiry woman,(with) a thin nervous face.

‘Mrs. Peters is the wife of the local sheriff. She istorn between her loyalty to her husband’s position which is the law and hergrowing understanding and sympathy for Mrs. Wright. We have been introduced toher in the play as a submissive wife who respects what the husband does for aliving “…of course it’s no more than their duty..

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.”  however, Mrs. Peters is able to show hernatural kindness when she notices Mrs. Wrights preserved fruit jars havingcracked. She then has to listen to what MRS Hales say about Mrs.

Wright’semotional isolation from others.  She getsto understand the feeling of her loneliness and depression. Depression is astate of mind producing a serious, long term lowering of enjoyment of life orinability to visualize a happy future. Mrs. Peters begin to cognitively wonderabout the circumstances surrounding the death of John Wright.  These thoughts are able to sway her stance onall this matter and the crack starts to appear on her obeying the law. She putsherself in the shoes of Mrs.

Wrights and immediately gets to change her stanceon the side she was rooting for all along in the play. She goes a step furtherand interferes with the evidenceMrs. Peters understands loneliness and the world ofthe female domestic that is why when she was told the story of Mrs. Wright, shehad to go against her thoughts and what she used to stand up for all alongsince the beginning of the play and we get to see a different Mrs. Peters whowe couldn’t have predicted or even thought of at the beginning of the play. Itis this quality in ‘Trifles” that makes me to state that she is the characterwho has undergone a long journey in the book and can’t be compared to anyoneelse.It is usually said that women are their worstenemies but in this play we get to see a different dimension.

The women come todifferent conclusion as to what happened, and they tend to come together totalk to each other however Mrs. Peters is able to remember that MRS Wright hasno such advantages in life.It is perhaps the words of the county Attorney thateffect the change of heart in Mrs. Peters. For when the attorney declares thata sheriffs wife is married to the law and assumes Mrs. Peters will agree, shereplies that she has not thought of her life in “that way.” It is at this pointthat Mrs. Peters changes her mind about going along with her husband.

After sheand Mrs. Hale knowingly stare into each other’s eyes, Mrs. Peters tries to hidethe box, but it is too big; she tries but it is too big; she tries to pick upthe bird, but cannot, so Mrs. Hale hides it, completing the “knotting.”CONCLUSIONMrs. Peters undertakes the biggest journey in allthe characters in this play as she stands with Mrs. Hale in hiding the evidencethat could convict Mrs.

Wright. Her feelings of duty to the law are crushed byher feelings of empathy for the murder.