In know? Or he didn’t care? My boss

In thelong run after I left, my past boss and executives were removed from theirpositions and the department closed down.

Was there an opportunity to turn thesituation around? Of course. Individuals like myself sat down and discussed thesituation with the executives the issue but they all looked passed it and keptstretching their pockets for more money. This can relate to the case I amevaluating on the Great Recession of 07 – 09. The six major banks of WallStreet took a sharp turn and received the title as bad barrels after therecession. Not only were nine-million jobs lost during the recession as Istated before the unemployment rate went up to ten percent. Even though notevery employee was involved in such a negative act, one bad apple can ruin thewhole batch. In other words, there will always be a cluster of unethicalemployees who are up for a bad deed which is a given. How did the wholesituation go out of hand? How was the fraudulent act not stopped? Why were thereports not correctly audited? Why did anyone not stop this?In myopinion there is always a bad apple in the bunch but it cant have that much ofan effect.

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Yet, I believe there are always bad barrels that turn good applesinto bad ones through time. We may not see it in a consumer perspective butworking inside negative environment can have a bad effect on individuals.Negative environment meaning maybe upper management doesn’t show interest intheir employees and allows them to do as they please. The norms and credo ofthe company are not firm and not stressed enough where the employees don’t liveby it during their 9 – 5 job periods. I believe that lack of importance,motivation, incentives such as (bonuses, employee of the month, etc..

.) canhave a negative effect. In my experience, I worked in an environment filledwith liars, cheaters, fraudulent acts and dishonesty. I wondered why my bosshaven’t reacted to such environment, was it because he didn’t know? Or hedidn’t care? My boss became narcissistic and too addicted to the money, him andhis team did not care what happened behind the scenes as long as money was made.TheBanks are doing better than ever, which I can agree on due to the numbers whichhave been growing since 2009. There is a saying “Wherever there was a firethere are ashes floating around”. In this case it means even though much haschanged for the greater good, these banks still have a few tricks up theirsleeves (the not so nice tricks).

A wrong move can turn the good years ofbuilding their credibility and paying debts back, into a situation that can becomeworse than the Recession. With all that information it took some time for me tostill figure out where I stand in the question Peng asked. “Are some of theiremployees’ bad apples? or are thesebanks bad barrels?” The bad applesare referred to as the employees who performed the bad deeds.

The bad barrelsare considered to be the banks and how they allowed the bad deeds to occur. Isthis a Nature vs. Nature issue or a Nature vs. Nurture situation? The reason Ibrought that point up is because was this a bad employee who was able to haveother employees act in this bad deed? Or was is the environment of the bank asa whole and how the bank allowed the bad deeds to happen just because it meantmore money in their pocket?