In local demand for trained employees. (8)Whereas VA

In the United States SenateSB #_________Senator NilsenAdditional Sponsors:_____________________________________ The bill passed/ failed by a _________________ vote margin A bill that gives benefits to veterans which they rightfully deserve to get. It boosts veteran’s disability compensation and accommodates for cost and living adjustment.  (1)Whereas the VA’s purpose is to provide welfare for veterans but is doing the exact opposite. (2)Whereas the bill was co-sponsored by every member of the senate VA committee(3)Whereas the motivation is to keep veterans’ benefits in line with the rising costs of housing, utilities, and food.(U.S. Senate)(4)Whereas dependency compensation for surviving children and spouses, clothing allowance for veterans based on rising costs of living. (5)Whereas under legislation, the cost-of-living adjustment will be equal to the amount of the adjustment given to social security recipients. (6)Whereas VA analyzes the demand for additional trained employees in their locality and the skills possessed by veterans who receive federal educational assistance and seek local employment. (7)Whereas the bill carries out existing, or implementing a new certificate or degree program, that provides those veterans with training that addresses local demand for trained employees.  (8)Whereas VA facilitates the establishment of an advisory board to provide guidance to the training program and assist trained veterans in their pursuit of local employment. (9)Whereas the VA has good intentions but is only making things worse for the veterans. (10)Whereas the VA choice program is not reliable.                                                                                                                       (11)Whereas the choice program had little impact on getting veterans to see a primary care physician in 30 days.(NPR)(12)Whereas thousands of veterans referred to the program are returning the VA for care-sometimes because the program couldn’t find a doctor for them, and for 28,287 vets, because the private doctor they were told to see was too far away.(NPR)(13)Whereas veterans were found to be waiting longer than 30 days for care because staff at the local VA hospital was not adding them to the list of patients eligible for the choice program.(NPR) (14)Whereas congress gave VA only 90 days from the day it was signed into law to implement the choice program. Typically a program of this size would take at least a year to create.(NPR)(15)Whereas the VA choice card gives those who have been waiting more than 30 days for appointments or who live more than 40 miles in a straight line reduced wait time. Though, you can’t use Google map miles which not only confuses veterans but also confuses VA doctors. The program is too confusing and complicates things. (16)Whereas some choice cards aren’t even valid. (17)Whereas veterans are scared to use choice card because of too much paperwork, delays getting approval by VA physicians, and fear of never being reimbursed.(Washington Post) (18)Whereas the 40 mile distance is a big problem because there are 63 rural counties with no VA hospital.  (19)Whereas in order to fix the VA choice program we need to focus on the areas that need improvement; such as healthcare issues, flawed governance, insufficient staffing, inadequate facilities, antiquated IT systems, and inefficient use of employees.  (20)Whereas Accountability Act program has issues as well(21)Whereas the VA Accountability Act was born out of Congress’s belief that the blame for the problems of the VA health care system should be laid at the feet of career civil servants. Punishing career civil servants might be popular, but it won’t fix the problems at VA in any meaningful way and, in fact, could worsen the problems. Congress is the main culprit for most of the issues and would rather blame career leaders than taking the blame.(The Hill)(22)Whereas employees created secret lists to cover up delays in appointments. (23)Whereas the act has many delays in providing care. (24)Whereas some employees don’t get disciplined for their actions.(25)Whereas is very promising because it will take out unwanted members of the VA and hire the best personnel. (26)Whereas More VA issues that need to be dealt with (27)Whereas new hires weren’t sent to VA hospitals with longest wait times and the new were not more likely to see improved wait times.(28)Whereas the South California city is home to one of the largest concentrations of post 9/11 veterans. (29)Whereas overcrowding in Tennessee(30)Whereas 70,000 more appointments that kept a veteran waiting at least a month to get care. (31)Whereas the VA recently set up a hotline to help veterans who have issues with their credit because the programs hadn’t paid doctors on time.(NPR)(32)Whereas the VA could easily spend more money this year on interest for late payments than medicare does, even though medicare processes hundreds of billions of dollars more in claims.(NPR)(33)Whereas all these issues can be solved if VA employees the right people and fixes the whole system.  SUMMARY of your Solution:In order to ensure that VA provides the benefits that veterans rightfully deserve, we must make sure that the system runs smoothly. For the system to run properly we have to take out the bad employees and put in new-more efficient ones that will get the job done. One huge problem that vets have to go through is the wait time for getting their benefits from VA. A main purpose of the VA is to lower the wait time, yet all these issues make it so that vets have to wait much longer. The 40 mile rule definitely needs to get resolved. You can’t just set a limit of usage to how far someone is to a VA building. The VA needs to expand the mileage to as far as it needs to go for full access.   JUSTIFICATION: These solutions need to be done because veterans are suffering everyday due to a system that isn’t doing its job. The veterans deserve to get the benefits because they fought for each and every one of us.  Short Bill TITLE: Veteran’s Benefits Act of 2017AGENCY that will enforce your bill: Library of Congress – Thomas H.R. 2216.ACTIVATION date: April, 2018