In Missouri when he was 11 years old

In this essay I will talk to you about my scientist George Washington Carver. He is very interesting. He was also African-American. He made many things that we still use today.          First I am going to talk about George Washington Carver’s life. He was born in Diamond, Missouri January 1864 and sadly died in Tuskegee, Alabama January 5th 1943. He was born into a slave family with no father. His father was killed in an accident before Carver was born. He had a brother and his name was James. When George was young he and his mother were kiddnapped and Carver was foun but they never found his mother. So after that tragic incident His owners Moses and Susan Carver adopted him. As a child carver also enjoyed to read the Bible. Carver also never got married or had any children. That is all the information that I have fo Carver’s life. In the next paragraph you will read about the education of George Washington Carver.        Next I am going to tell you about the education of George Washington Carver. He wanted to go to school but there were no schools for black children where he lived. So he had to travel to Neosho, Missouri when he was 11 years old to attend school. Carver Graduated high school in Minneapolis, Kansas. During school Carver also enjoyed art and science. So after he graduated he went to Simpson college in Iowa and took art classes. During his time at Simpson college on of his art teaches convinced him to become a botanist ( a Botanist is a person who studies plants ). Later after that Carver enrolled at Iowa State in Indianola, Iowa. Later he got his bachelor’s degree in 1894 and his master’s degree in 1896. That is all the information that I have in education. In the next paragraph I will tell you about his career.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Now I will talk about the career of G.W.C. Carver worked at many different jobs to pay for his schooling. He was a chemist.He was also a professor at Iowa state and Tuskegee University. Carver also headed the agricultural department for 50 years. He worked hard to get all the stuff he got. In the next paragraph it will talk about how Carver’s contributions to science.      Now I will talk about all the contributions to science by George Washington Carver. He discovered more than 300 ways to use the peanut, some ways were milk, flour, peanut oil, and even cheese but not peanut butter. He also discovered more than 100 ways to use sweet potatoes, soybeans, pecans, and a few other crops. He donated his life savings to agricultural reseach. Also his successful work in plant pathology which is the study of the essential nature of diseases and especially the structural and functional changes and mycology which the branch of botany that studies fungi and fungus- caused diseases gained his country wide fame as a botanist. Next I will talk about fun facts. Carver had a lot of fun facts about him and his life. His parents names were Mary and Giles. He was the first colored faculty member at Iowa State. He also played the piano. Carver also won international fame for agricultural research. In 1916 George was named fellow of the Royal Society of arts in London. In 1923 the National Association of the advancement of Colored People or NAACP for short awarded him the spingarn medal distinguished service in chemistry. In 1939 Carver received the Theodore Roosevelt medal for valuable contributions to science. In 1951 George Washington Carver national monument was built on 210 acres or 85 hectares of land on the farm where he was born. Carver sadly died by falling down a flight of stairs in Tuskegee Alabama when he was 79 years old. That is all I have on fun facts.