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In some Novels the characters inability to escape the difficulties of his her/past contributing to the development of a theme. A great example of this is in the novel ‘The great Gatsby’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald. where many characters struggle with their past creating  the theme of Illusion vs Reality.To start with , one of the most notable examples of illusion vs reality involves the title character himself , Jay Gatsby or also known as “James Gatz”.  Gatsby comes from a very poor background , raised in North Dakota he dropped out of his school due to shame of being poor; He was ashamed of the the janitorial job he had  , which he had to take in order to pay for his education and thus making him fear poverty and haunt him. In the beginning of chapter 4 , Gatsby tells nick   “I’ll tell you God’s truth…I am the son of some wealth people in the middle-west San Francisco.” In the end the reality of his family wealth is an example of the illusion gatsby is providing.Another example of an illusion Gatsby tries to make people believe: is how he obtained his wealth. In chapter Mr. Mckee says that he went to one of Gatsby’s and adds: “Well they say he’s a nephew or a cousin of Kaiser Wilhelm’s.” But we know this is not true.Gatsby was expecting to be the heir of Dan cody’s fortune but unfortunately  one of Dan cody’s wife, won the trail for his inheritance. As a result Gatsby made his actual fortune  from bootlegging. Gatsby’s education at Oxford is another example of of the theme “illusion vs reality”. A persson education is what differentiates the lower class from the upper class. Most of the characters in the novel are well educated. In chapter 4 gatsby tells nick that he got his education from Oxford, but in chapter 7 Gatsby reveals the truth to Top when he says he only stayed at Oxford or 5 months  and “that why i can’t really call myself an Oxford man.” As a result Gatsby forms an illusion about his education so he could be accepted in the Upper class group. In conclusion, Gatsby’s past is something Gatsby si trying to escape from by creating illusions in his life.Daisy’s love for Gatsby is one of the biggest illusions that people confuse with reality. Gatsby was fighting in world war 1 and after 5 year it haunted him that he did not live with daisy and he devotes all his time To Daisy as he builds up his fortune, buys a house near her thinking he and her will live together forever compared to the past, Yet it did not go as planned for Gatsby. Gatsby tries to convince Nick about his future reunion with Daisy: “I’m going to fix everything just the way it was before.” This is a very unrealistic goal for Gatsby and it should not be taken seriously. Hence, Gatsby creates an illusion for himself  which lead to his breakdown when his goal is not accomplished. Even after Daisy crashed Myrtl into her death, Gatsby is willing to take the blame as Daisy is too irresponsible to take the fault  for her actions. Therefore, in chapter 7 the illusion that Daisy had any divine love for Gatsby is broken down leading to the idea of Gatsby trying to fix his past but is only able to with illusions.