In Pakistan since its inception a struggle between

In Pakistan since its inception a struggle between forces,which aspire to see Pakistan develop into a democratic policy and those who prefer an authoritarian system has continued to persist.In the past fifty years,the pakistani elite and the political parties have failed to arrive at a consensus on the kind of political system that we would like to have for the country.During the last fifty years we can see that military has intervened in the political system of Pakistan.people still do not understand the meanings of democracy and good-governance due to the high rate of illiteracy and lack of political bent of mind.The simplicity and weaknesses of the people of Pakistan have been fully exploited by the both millitary and democratically elected rulers.The misrule and the corruption of the democratically elected rulers and the repeated intervention of millitary never allowed the true spirit of democracy to strengthen its roots in Pakistani soil.We must understand the true meaning of democracy.The Holy Quran clearly asks to hold mutual consulation and then take the final decision.And when some decision is reached,we should trust Allah and stick to the decision.It is our hard luck that the non-Muslims adopted the democracy.There are many causes of failure of democracy in Pakistan.The people twice gave each party opportunity but both failed to come to their expectations.Poverty sometimes results due to the failure of democractic institutions and on the other hand we find that poverty is one of the causes of poor performance ot the democractic institutions.In Pakistan 32% people are below the poverty line.There is no social justice in our society.No one offers redress to the grievances of any oppressed persons.Rich are becoming richer,and poor are becoming poorer.We can just hope in these conditions that all these causes will be removed gradually and there will the beginning of a new era of democracy.