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In the 1920’s many artists create new ways of art and new movements in the creative field. Today artists take what they did back then and improve and change it up to their own liking. Salvador Dali was an artist that helped with many movements and worked with most types of art, though he was widely known for his surrealist work. Rob Gonsalves is an artist of today that just recently passed after he took his own life. Rob was also widely known for his surrealist work. These two are very similar in many ways. At a young age both of these artists showed their love for art. Their families were very supportive of it all. Both men were second born children although Dali’s older brother died at as a baby and he was considered a reincarnation of his brother. Gonsalves’ older sibling was around is whole life. Unlike Salvador though, Dali did not have a good relationship with his dad. Although his dad was the push to help him get started the constantly fought a lot when Dali would goof off in school. It continued even more for the rest of their lives after Dali’s mom passed away and his dad married his sister in law which caused a loss in respect from Dali.  Both of these artists were known well for their surrealism. Although Dali started out working with impressionism, futurism, and cubism, he soon switched to surrealism as a major contributor as the surrealism period picked up in 1929. Dali made a new way of accessing the mind to create and new and different way of coming up with art. He took classic techniques from renaissance artists and mixed it with his “unreal dream” state to create his work. Dali contributed to the surrealist movement with what he called the “Paranoiac-critical method” which was a mental exercise to access the subconscious more more creativity. “Dalí would use the method to create a reality from his dreams and subconscious thoughts, thus mentally changing reality to what he wanted it to be and not necessarily what it was. For Dalí, it became a way of life”. Gonsalves did the same thing. He created a new way of creativity in surrealism that people loved. His work was known as “Magic Realism”. “Gonsalves injects a sense of magic into realistic scenes… His work is an attempt to represent human beings’ desire to believe the impossible, to be open to possibility.” Gonsalves was good at creating mind blowing illusions in his art and those are his most known pieces. Unlike Dali, Gonsalves did not start his career with his art. He did however go to school to study are just as Dali did, but after he finished that he went into an architect school and became one for a couple years before his art took off at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition and he quite to focus on his painting. “Rob’s training as an architect and love of beautiful buildings is evident in his work, which is described as magic realism”. Dali on the other hand went to school for years but was first suspended for bad behavior and then soon kicked out after he returned for saying the teachers were not skilled enough to examine him. He started becoming popular when his dad helped him set up a personal exhibition in their own home. Soon after he had his first public exhibition at Municipal Theatre of Figueres. Both artists were inspired by other artists they met while traveling. “Dalí made several trips to Paris, where he met with influential painters and intellectuals such as Pablo Picasso, whom he revered. During this time, Dalí painted a number of works that displayed Picasso’s influence. He also met Joan Miró, the Spanish painter and sculptor who, along with poet Paul Éluard and painter René Magritte, introduced Dalí to Surrealism.” the artists also had their art featured in many places. Gonsalves’ art was shown in many books, especially children’s books, “His work appeared on the cover of the book Masters of Deception: Escher, Dali and the Artists of Optical Illusion. His images were also featured in a series of children’s books: Imagine a Night, Imagine a Day, Imagine a Place, Imagine a World”. Dali’s work was featured mainly in films, specifically for dream sequences, “he collaborated with Luis Buñuel on two films, Un Chien andalou (An Andalusian Dog) and L’Age d’or (The Golden Age, 1930)…Dalí’s art appeared several years later in another film, Alfred Hitchcock’s Spellbound (1945)”. These paintings were so popular and well done that many people loved to use them. Both of these men are extraordinary surrealist painters. They were both very well known in their time. Each of them had such a unique way of doing things. Their individual ways of creativity were amazing and many people replicate and use their ways today. These two men were similar in their artistic ways and they seem to be a form of one another, but they made a huge impact years apart from each other.