In these schools. This research shows that the

In our society, English language isthought to be a certificate intended to secure a high standard socially andeconomically by attaining a high profile job. In our Pakistan there is communaldiversity.

Due to standard consciousness factor in our society people belongingto every class  of society wish thattheir children would study from a well-known private English medium school sothat they could speak in English. Now the intense demands of public about theEnglish medium private schools has lead to the increase in the emergence ofaffordable English medium schools. Even it happened so that one-third ofchildren in our country go to such schools.

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The point to be noted is what isthe reason behind such an intense quest of less-paid private English mediumschools?? The most common answer by majority of people:”The child will be ableto speak in English accurately and fluently as soon as he/she is exposed tosuch an environment”. So this research is about the policies and methodologiesadopted in less-paid so-called English medium schools. For this purpose,interviews of teachers, school principals and assessment of students throughvarious means were undertaken. The result did not meet the expectation becausestudents did not show a great grip or proficiency over the English language.The leading factors behind suchresults are really troublesome and oppose the policies of these schools. Out ofthem a few are lack of qualified instructors and those who themselves hadlearnt in English medium, the environment in which the student is liable to,underprivileged indoctrinations and instructions and basically no certainpolicy adopted by these schools. This research shows that the beliefs ofmajority of people about disclosure of a child and early learning in Englishare basically impracticable and unrealistic because they are neither groundedon theories of bilingualism or multilingualism nor by the surroundings of achild.The result of this policy is merelya danger to the mother language of that student.

Moreover these schools arecreating a gap and discrepancy between the elite class and low class. So thebasic aim of this research is the present English-first policy must be analyzedand replaced by the mother tongue proficiency first. English is primarily alanguage not a subject so it must be treated as a language as our mothertounge. The people belonging to the upper class can afford highly-paid goodEnglish medium schools so it creates a vacuum in our society. Research promotea compete democratization and equal distribution of English in society.Introduction:A person is more comfortable inspeaking and in learning in the language used by him/her at home.

Theorists andexperts also say that the proper medium for instruction and teaching is the languageused by his/her family, friends, teachers and by the people associated with thechild. The language is none other than mother language or L1. The good thing issuch a policy postulate two benefits: one is better educational andintellectual grooming of child and second is if a good level of know-how aboutmother tongue is achieved then it boosts or strengthen the learning of morelanguages.Now this topic has become a topicof interest of various people belonging to different departments.But the important thing is that thepolicy makers should also understand the importance of L1 proficiency first inthe critical period of a child.

Almost 90% of our population don’t have access to learning in mother language. Someof the children attend government Urdu medium schools and most of them areenrolled In the private schools. The two basic reasons ofpropagation of private schools are the low standard of Urdu medium schools andincrease in demand of private English medium schools because of national and international mandate and directions. Nodoubt English is our official language and most of the parents think that it isthe only way to be a dignified, reputed and famous  person socially and  financially.

We will first discuss about thebackground and history of English policy and the closeness between this policy,politics and mentality of our policy makers. Further we will take theinterviews of students, teachers and school principals to show the perceptionsof majority about this present policy. At the end we will propose a solutionaccording to the situations like school and environment conditions of a childthat weather this present policy is to be reinstated or replaced.

 Here are the research question: