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In “The Emotional Geography of Work and Family Life”  Hochschild states that there are three factors creating the current speedup in work and family life in the United States. These three factors include the increasing number of women working outside of their  homes, the fact that women’s jobs lack flexibility, and the increased hours for both men and women at work, more than ever before. When Hochschild talks about family reforms, he talks about how less families are spending less time at home and more time at work. These people weren’t taking advantage of these reforms because they were trying to make more money so they worked more. Also, they might have been afraid to ask because that might have put a target on their back and they did not want to get laid off, or they just might not have known. Emotional cultures, are a set of rituals, beliefs, and feelings which produce emotional focus. Emotional culture shapes the experience of the family life. I believe what Hochschild meant by emotional culture in “The Emotional Geography of Work and Family Life” was family rituals were fading at home and being moved to the workplace.

For example, your old ritual would be to go home home and eat or maybe relax with your family. Now what Hochschild is saying you develop a new ritual now, you might go out with your coworkers after work instead of going home to your family. When the author states that “consumerism acts as a mechanism which maintains the emotional reversal of work and family.” I believe she means that being rewarded for your job pulls you away from your family. I feel that she is right about this pulling them away from their families, because say you get a promotion you go out with your coworkers and you enjoy so you decide to do it again. This will keep repeating itself they will keep going out because they enjoy it and they do not want to go home and do chores.

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